A raw food diet, also known as raw foodism, involves eating uncooked and unprocessed foods. Nearly every food product is acceptable as long as it’s not processed and under cooked. This includes foods such as vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, eggs, fish, meat and dairy products.

The core belief of this diet is that heating food destroys the nutrients it’s suppose to provide. The heat also kills enzymes that are necessary for digestion and help fight diseases. Since many raw foods are low in calories it helps in losing weight. Raw foods are also low in sodium, fats and high in fiber, which is good for digestion.

For some, raw food diets include not eating any animal-based products. Although it cuts off many unhealthy or processed meats, it may not provide the vitamins that your body needs. In that case, it would be essential to take vitamin pills daily to ensure your body gets the recommended amount.

Some raw foodists also believe that this diet can clear up headaches and allergies along with boosting your immunity and memory. It should be noted that people who suffer from arthritis and diabetes participate in raw food diets and it helps them have better control of their bodies.

Raw food diets can be tricky. Eating out might be a little more difficult and your kitchen will probably need to be remodeled with food. However, there is still a wide variety of foods that you can eat and prepare which might make this diet easier to participate in than you might think.