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Rob Sulaver on Lifestyle [Q&A]

When it comes to living an awesome life, we just had to hear what words of wisdom Rob Sulaver had to share. In case you don’t know by now (which you should), Rob is considered by many to be one of the best trainers in the industry. He has a very different personality that almost reminds us of that wise-ass friend who always seems to be right. Naturally, that makes his a perfect candidate to answer some questions about living well. By working with clients on a daily basis, Rob Sulaver understands what is needed to balance work, relationships, and living the good life.

What would be a piece of advice you would give guys looking to find their own “style”?

#BandanaCode 8: It pays (well) to look dapper. Personal style is one of your first and most powerful statements. Swag isn’t a luxury, it’s an investment.

and also…

#BandanaCode 8.5) Your clothes should fit. And they should fit well. You work too damn hard in the gym to wear a boxy suit; a good tailor is worth 1,000 crunches.

Five must-have articles of clothing in a man’s closet:

A slick pair of shoes.

3-piece suit that makes you feel like James Bond.

4-5 cardigans.

A money clip.

An umbrella that doesn’t suck.

Something your grandfather used to wear.

A man-bag that isn’t a backpack.

Sox that aren’t white.

A man thong.

Sorry, that was 9. And I got carried away at the end there.

Best piece of advice for picking up girls:

If you see a girl you want to chat with, you’ve got 3 seconds to say something. Doesn’t matter what it is. It truly DOESN’T matter. It just matters that you say something in 3 seconds. …Trust me, Goose.

The Bandana keys to happiness:

Minka Kelly.

In your post, “The Modern Day Badass”, you say that a being a badass isn’t about what you look like. Can you explain?

Dudes sometimes worry that they need to look like Bradley Cooper to crush it. I learned a long time ago that winning at life (or with girls, or with business) is much less about your appearance and much more about your energy. I guess that’s my point.

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