When it comes to good nutrition, we just had to hear what words of wisdom Rob Sulaver had to share. In case you don’t know by now (which you should), Rob is considered by many to be one of the best trainers in the industry. He has a very different personality that almost reminds us of that wise-*** friend who always seems to be right. Naturally, that makes him a perfect candidate to answer some questions about healthy eating. By consistently getting great results and helping his clients achieve their ideal body, Rob has come to know good nutrition very well.

What’s your go-to post-workout meal?

A post workout carb and protein shake with creatine (and Vit C.) It’s the most delicious thing that will ever touch your lips. Except perhaps, for Mila Kunis.

There’s been a lot of hype around intermittent fasting. Is this something that you practice? Do you suggest it for your clients?

Some folks have great success with it and if it works for ’em, I’m not mad at it. But it’s definitely not my first recommendation. My nutrition coaching is more about a steady intake of healthy foods.

What’s the most popular “health” food that you hear about that isn’t really healthy in your opinion?

“Healthy” cereals like Koshi. The stuff is dog-****. But just processed food in general. What’s made in a factory is almost never as good as what’s made in a forest.

What’s a day in the life of Rob Sulaver look like food-wise?

Lots of veggies. Lots of protein. A decent amount of fat. Most of my daily carbs crammed into a post-workout shake. Mmmm, manhood.

Carbs have been frowned upon lately in the fitness realm. Are carbs really the bad guys? 

No. Carbs aren’t evil. Macro-timing is important to consider – it’s not about no-carb, it’s about carbs at the right time. Eventually, I think the fitness realm comes to collectively understand that there’s a time and place for (almost) everything.

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