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Rooster Runs To School Bus To Meet His Big Sister Every Single Day

Rooster Runs To School Bus To Meet His Big Sister Every Single Day

Frog looks just like an ordinary rooster, and in some ways he is. But, you will be surprised at his daily routine, as we must say, he has some really amazing habits. Read on to find them out. What he does on slide #11 and slide #6 will leave you amazed…

20. An Unusual New Family Member!

Frog came to live with the Burns family in February 2017, in Atlanta, Texas.  The first thing that the family noticed was his feathers, which were not only present on Frog’s body but also on his feet. However, this wasn’t the most unusual thing about him…..

19. Just Hopping Around!

Frog doesn’t walk like any regular rooster, he hops around! The family saw this as soon as he started moving and this hopping earned him his name, Frog. He is certainly a special rooster, and the uniqueness doesn’t stop here. You’ll be amazed at what he can do!

18. Who needs roosters? I live with humans now!

Frog never showed any interest in other roosters. According to Mr. Burns, “He wasn’t interested in what the chickens were doing, he was interested in what the humans were doing.” His favorite human by far, however, was Savannah. He quickly grew close to her and they became good friends which led to these unexpected habits…

17. Off to do chores!

The bond between Frog and Savannah grew when the girl began taking him around with her when she did her chores. Frog would obediently stay with her, and soon their friendship began to take shape. Soon Frog started doing even more amazing things…

16. Whats on the TV?

Soon they began to do everything together. They would go walking, she would pull him in a wagon and he even sits and watches TV with her. Not only that but he also does this amazing thing!

15. Exams are coming up!!!

When Savannah has to study, Frog doesn’t rush off. He sticks around with her as she studies, providing the much needed moral support during the times that all kids hate. While Savannah is his best friend, she isn’t his only friend. The unlikely friendships are not ending here and you won’t believe who else fell in love with our buddy the rooster.

14. Woof Woof!

Frog has an adorable canine friend called Casper, who was rescued from a McDonald’s parking lot by the Burns. They became friends in quite an interesting way…

13. I’ll protect you!

Casper is really scared of rainstorms and thunderstorms. So one day when a thunderstorm hit, Casper got scared and hid in the laundry basket. Frog noticed him there and went and cuddled up beside Casper, giving him comfort. Ever since that day they have been great friends and have gotten into a lot of mischiefs as you’re about to find out from the next slide!

12. I’m just playing!!!

Frog loves to hang out with Casper and sometimes will jump up onto him as a way of saying “Hey, let’s play now”. They play all sorts of games and provide some much-appreciated amusement to everyone else in the family. Aside from playing with Casper, Frog has another thing on his routine…

11. I’ll drop you off!

Every morning Frog walks with Savannah to the bus stop to drop her off. Not just that, but he is always waiting for the very second that the bus returns, rushing up the driveway as soon as it pulls up. He just can’t contain his excitement for when his best friend, Savannah, gets home from school. Due to this habit, he has made another friend and you won’t believe who he is!

10. Hey, Mr. Bus driver!

The bus driver knows all about Frog’s habit and had become a friend of his. Sometimes when Savannah takes a while to get out, Frog hops into the bus! The bus driver knows about his habits and makes sure that Frog isn’t on the bus before he leaves the stop. Frog also loves hopping into other vehicles, as you can see on the next slide…


Frog doesn’t just like his friends. He also likes cars! Frog loves sitting in cars, usually on the steering wheel, as if he’s driving! However, cars aren’t the only vehicle he likes…

8. Heavy Metal Rooster!

As it turns out, Frog absolutely loves motorbikes and can often be seen perched on one, looking sharp as ever! Maybe he likes the pipes and wires. The only person – or should I say rooster- who knows that is Frog himself. What we do know is that he does enjoy this next thing…

7. Getting hungry now!

Frog just can’t get enough of his favorite food, tomatoes! He’s ready to gobble gobble them up whenever he gets the chance, and of course, Savannah is always ready to give him more whenever he wants. But the really crazy thing about Frog is…

6. A social media sensation

Frog even has his own Instagram account, run by the whole family. He has gone viral, nearing a thousand followers. Not just that but he frequently gets hundreds of likes on his pictures. However, social media isn’t the only place that Frog is getting famous on…

5. Look, Mom, I’m at the news!

Frog has started appearing in all sorts of news channels and newspapers. His story is surprising thousands of people across the world!

4. Just Hanging

Frog can’t be a mega-star all the time. After all, he’s just a rooster. And so, sometimes, he just hangs with his best friend Savannah and does silly things like jumping on her shoulders or even…

3. Got your head!

Hopping up on to her head when he feels bored! He can get extremely playful and Savannah knows how to make sure that Frog stays safe. Although, sometimes when Frog is feeling a little bit like a fashionista he will do this crazy thing!

2. Does this make my beak look big?

He dresses up in fancy hats! His favorite by far, however, is Savannah’s own hat, which he is wearing in the picture. We think he looks great, don’t you? However, his number one most favorite thing is…

1. Hanging with his BFF

In the end, Frog’s favorite thing is and always will be hanging out with Savannah, and we are sure that they can stick together through thick and thin. We hope that all of you readers have, or will have, a best friend that is as close to you as Savannah is to Frog.