Norway is popular for its nature attraction like fjords, mountains, and the midnight sun. If you travel to Norway, go back in time and learn about its heritage that includes Vikings and the Sami. The Vikings had a bad reputation as pirates who terrorized people along the coasts of Europe, but they were also skilled craftsmen who built beautiful jewelry and artifacts that remain intact up to this day.

They were good at water transportation and they used narrow and light wooden boats that were designed for speed and easy manipulation in shallow waters. They used these boats for business that eventually led to raiding the coastal cities in Europe. Visit Norway and discover the fit travel activities that it offers to visitors who are seeking fun and adventure like hiking and sailing. If you travel to this place, you can also visit various museums and see the recreated Viking villages.

Lofotor Viking Museum in Borg

Go back in time and imagine yourself living in a Viking home in Borg where you can find the largest Viking Ago longhouse. Be active and participate in Viking feasts and experience the hospitality of the governor and his family. If you visit during the summer months, you can also try your luck at throwing axes, shooting with bows, and the most fun of it all is riding and rowing a Viking ship. You will walk from the chieftain’s house for about twenty minutes going to the boathouse and have a unique experience of rowing a Viking boat.

In 2011, the museum added two exhibitions and a movie (The Dream of Borg) which is shown in the museum’s cinema every 20 minutes.

The Viking Ship Museum, Oslo

Travel to Norway and visit the Viking ship museum where you will witness the two preserved wooden Viking ships that date back to the 9th century. There are also smaller vessels, carts, and other tools that are on display. So for anyone who has an interest in the past of the Vikings, this museum is a must-see for them.

Karmoy and Haugesund, Rogaland

Learn about the amusing past of the Vikings by following the footsteps of Harald Fairhair who established the first throne of Norway after winning the battle of Hafrsfjord in 872 AD.

Stiklestad National Culture Center

The St Olav Festival is a popular annual celebration that is attended by many. It offers activities like art exhibition, concerts, medieval market, and so much more.  Travel to Norway and experience the colorful celebration of its people where there is also a staging of the St Olav drama. It is an outdoor play that started as far back as 1954 and still continues up to this day.

Viking Valley Market

Travel to Norway and experience for yourself the life of a Viking at the Viking market. Here, you can have a taste of an authentic Viking food, watch how they make traditional handicrafts, and you can even get to row a replica of a Viking ship.