Men always enjoy hanging out with friends with some alcoholic drinks. There are many types of liquor that you can enjoy alone or with your friends like whisky, vodka, or beer. The only important thing is that you do not allow alcoholic drinks to consume you. Always drink in moderation and never drive when you have some alcohol in your system.

It is considered to be one of the oldest distilled spirits. It is made from a sugarcane and some come from molasses, which is a product of the refining process of sugar. There are many types and some are best when mixed with tropical fruit juices.

White Rum

It is light-bodied and it comes from sugarcane juice, while some are from molasses. It is usually lighter in color and does not have a bold taste. It is usually best when mixed with some fruit juices for a very refreshing daiquiri.

This type is distilled in plain old casks or stainless steel tanks in order to maintain its white or clear color, thus it is not as full-bodied as compared to the other types. Ladies drinks or cocktail drinks are usually mixed with this type.  An example of which is the Hemingway daiquiri which is made from 2oz of white rum, ¾ oz of lime juice, ½ oz of grapefruit juice, ½ oz of maraschino, and some sugar syrup. Just mix everything together, add some crushed ice, and you have a very refreshing drink with just a tinge of alcohol. It is best served with some finger food like nachos, shrimp cocktails, etc.

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Dark Rum

This type is usually aged for years, some even up to a decade to achieve that full-bodied taste. It is not ideal for mixing with other juice drinks, but it is designed for sipping like a whisky. It is flavored with spices, caramel, molasses, vanilla, and other light flavorings.

Jamaican Rum

This kind is known for having a distinct and pungent flavor. It will take a while before one can appreciate the taste. It is distilled in pot stills with some esters and it comes very aromatic.

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Agricole Rum

This is distilled from pure and fresh sugarcane juice. It is distilled up to seventy percent alcohol, allowing it to retain much of the flavor of the sugarcane juice. It is made in single-column stills which allow the distiller to control the distillation process which is not possible in a pot still. It is usually mixed with fruit juice, and like the Jamaican rum, it also requires someone to develop a taste bud for it. It’s not for everyone.

There is nothing wrong with drinking liquor. Men relax with friends with some bottle of it. They enjoy watching games on the television while having some sips of their favorite alcoholic beverage. It has a very relaxing effect that it lessens the stress from everyday activities. The only important thing is not to consume too much of it because of the physical and social problems that it could give as a result of too much consumption.