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Sad Shelter Dog Just Learned He And His Best Friend Are Going Home Together

Sad Shelter Dog Just Learned He And His Best Friend Are Going Home Together

An animal shelter is a place where miracles can happen. It’s a place where animals bond and start long friendships and most of the times they will refuse to be separated. You might have seen adoption ads that announce people they must adopt two dogs at a time because they’re inseparable.

Unfortunately, not all people can afford to get two pets. That’s until you see this story that will break your heart into a million pieces!

A Story of Two Tails

Not all stray dogs get to have a forever home. Some even spend years in shelters until someone with a great heart takes them in. But seeing two inseparable pooches cuddling in a dog kennel would melt anyone’s heart. You won’t believe Lucy’s and Sully’s story!

Finding New Friends

Two good dogs arrived at the shelter almost at the same moment. Sully was only a pup when he arrived at the shelter. Then he met Lucy…

Waiting for a Human Friend

Lucy was a stray and Sully has been adopted a few times but returned to the shelter after a while. However, it was all for the best, because they will soon become BFFs!

Forever Together

Their relationship evolved and it was heartwarming! But what if they found different humans and get adopted separately? That would break their hearts, so the staff at the shelter did whatever they could so the two pooches would never be separated!

He’s Coming With Me!

The staff at the shelter soon saw that the two dogs would not live separated at the shelter. One day, someone saw Lucy’s picture online and when they came to adopt her, they found out that they were a package deal only…

A New Pup for a Grieving Lady

The lady that saw Lucy online lost her senior dog and she believed that getting another pup would help her overcome her grief. When she saw Lucy, she knew that she was the one. Alaina had to meet Lucy, but she didn’t expect to see this…

A Picture of Lucy

The woman said that she saw a picture of Lucy and wanted to meet her. But when she called, the shelter said that Lucy had a best friend dog. Although she only wished to adopt one puppy, she still agreed to pay them a visit. And we’re so glad that she did because an amazing thing happened!

Lucy Refused To Leave

After seeing Lucy, she simply fell in love! She was exactly what she was looking for, and the dog also seemed happy to meet her. But no one expected Lucy to react this way when she realized that although she’s being adopted… she has to leave her best friend behind

 Each dog needed to find a home but separating them would be heartbreaking. That’s when Lucy’s new mom took an AMAZING decision!

Sure, Why Not?

‘I figured there wouldn’t be any harm in seeing both’, she said cheerfully. Although she didn’t intend to adopt two dogs, seeing the bond between these two made her think twice… How would she react to the pair?

‘I Fell in Love Right Away’

She decided to get the pair, and it’s not difficult to understand why. Seeing them together, Brinton fell in love. Getting to the new house made both dogs nervous. Settling in the new place would be difficult, but what’s important is that they’re together. 

After being adopted, the two pooches became even closer. Here’s what their new mommy has to say about their special bond…

Starting a New Life Together


Alaina Brinton Facebook

A new house can be overwhelming to adopted animals. But Sully and Lucy were together and they calmed down fast: ‘They settled in together, and figured out the new routine like a team’, she said remembering the first moments. Look how cute they are at #12!

Best Buddies

Seven years passed since Lucy and Sully have become best friends forever. Each day, they’ve done everything together. They play, nap, run or chill at home, in the yard or at the dog park. Guess their mom had to buy them a two-dog leash for walks!

If you’re looking for Sully…

A Bond For Life

If you see Sully, you’re bound to see Lucy somewhere close. There isn’t a place where you won’t see one without the other. This is a relationship goal we all want to achieve! But they have different personalities and sometimes this happens…

Sully is so Considerate!


Alaina Brinton Instagram

Because Sully is younger than Lucy, he needs to run more. So, when at the dog park, Brinton said that he would roam around the park and Lucy would take a break. But he ‘will come back and check on Lucy every couple of minutes or so’.

Always Together

Alaina Brinton Instagram

Both Sully and Lucy needed someone in their lives to comfort them and they first found each other and then they also got a home. Life could not be any better side by side, loved by their human best friend! 

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Romeo and Juliet

Romeo is the orange tabby that was found under a car, with his best friend Juliet, the Miniature Schnauzer that was hugging him. Both were taken to a shelter and given each a separate place. But Romeo was lethargic and sick.

The Best Love Story Ever

He got better when the workers thought to put them back together. For these two fur *****, a tragedy soon turned into a love story, as Romeo soon got better seeing his Juliet by his side!

Chewbacca and CC

This odd pair first met in a home that would soon send them away to a shelter. The owners had a baby that got allergic to dogs and were forced to send the pups to the shelter. They were put in the same kennel and didn’t stop cuddling ever since. One day, they got lucky…

An Undeniable Bond

So different and yet so alike! They make a perfect pair and were soon adopted by Amber Wiley who was deeply moved by the love these guys had for each other.

Baloo and Henry

If you go and look for henrythecoloradodog on Instagram, you will die of so much cuteness! Henry was adopted and soon joined Cynthia in her adventures. But the human mom also wanted a kitten. At first, she didn’t know how Henry would react…

Having The Time of Our Lives

As you can see, everyone is having a blast. Both Henry and Ballo love traveling with their human parents and Ballo the kitten has made a point showing Cynthia that Henry is the mom in that relationship. We’re MELTING!

Bonnie and Clyde

These guys were found together on the streets of Arizona. They were rescued and brought to a shelter and got the names: Bonnie and Clyde. Seeing they were so good friends, they shared a kennel until someone would adopt them.

Partners in Crime!

Fortunately, a family saw them together and couldn’t separate Bonnie from Clyde, so they had to go together!

It’s so great to see animals getting along and struggling to remain together whatever the odds. The best thing about all these stories is that they found homes and people who understood how important was to keep them in one home.