Starved for attention and looking for a home, Smokey the shelter dog was alone and scared. Despite being depressed for so long, Smokey’s frown has been turned upside. This heartbreaking tale of an abandoned dog will just tear you up inside and make you want to show your own pet ten times more love.

Stay tuned to the end to find out what happened to Smokey.

21. An Abandoned Angel

Image: The Dodo

Who could believe that such an angelic face would have an incredibly hard time finding a foster home? Well, that was the case with Smokey a gorgeous dog that was left behind at a shelter after his family lost their home. Timid and scared of his new environment, Smokey was not doing well without his family and the comfort of his home around him.

To make matter’s worse, this all happened at the worst time of the year… 

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