Drinking scotch makes guys feel so manly because of its taste and its alcohol strength. Even though whiskey is known to be the ‘manliest’ drink, a lot of men still prefer scotch. You will even get it when you order whiskey because it is like the whiskey of the alcohol world. This means that people see these two drinks as one – both strong and both flavorful. That’s why you need to know more about it. If you are planning on including this manly liquor into the drinks that you often have at bars, you need to know which kind you would get.

Kinds of Scotch

There are two kinds of this manly drink – the single and the blended one. Single ones are made from 100% malted barley, while the blended one is made from malted barley with a mix of grain alcohol. Obviously, the pure one is stronger. Thus, people’s impression about this alcoholic drink is that the single one is for men and the blended one is for the ladies, which is kind of true in a way as the single one is strong.

Single malt is also more expensive because of its pure barley content, which makes it more attractive to men who want to feel really manly.

Choosing Which One to Order at the Bar

Scotch comes from different regions. But there are three popular regions that you should get familiar with. Because these three different regions give different tasting liquors, you need to determine which one you should get so that you will get the taste that you are looking for.

  • Highland

Highland scotch has a floral and sweet flavor. It comes from the Highland part of Scotland, hence, giving the liquor its name. So, if you want to have a sweeter version of this drink, order one that is from Highland.

There are a lot of distilleries producing this drink in the Highlands, which means that you have a lot more choices when you order this kind of drink.

  • Islay

Islay is salty, peaty and savory. This liquor is made in the coastal part of Scotland. There are about eight distilleries in this area, which means that you can also have a number of choices with this drink.

  • Speyside

Speyside is the combination of two regions, which means that the liquor from this region is sweet yet salty. It also has a floral and savory taste, which makes it great if you are trying to have a taste of both kinds in one drink.

This region has the most number of distilleries, which obviously makes it have the most choices.


When choosing scotch, you also have to look at its age. Although older is not necessarily better, you should look for bottles that are 10-12 years old. Thus, you don’t have to pay more for older bottles.

The more important thing is the taste of the drink, which can be determined from the region where it came from. So, aside from the age, make sure that you get familiar with the regions to know which ones you would prefer and which ones you want to pass up.