This is a hormone that is known to regulate the sleep pattern of a person. It is primarily used for long-haul flights and to prevent jetlag. This is also administered to those who are suffering from insomnia and anxiety. This is produced in the pineal gland and the amount it has in a person’s body is dependent upon the light it receives throughout the day. More is released at night and it signals the brain that it is time for sleep.

Elderly people have lower levels of this hormone which explains why they have some difficulty getting some sleep. This hormone is an herbal preparation that needs caution when using because there are some cases where it is known to be contaminated with toxic metal.

For Treating Jetlag

Anyone who travels to a country with a different time zone knows how hard it is to adjust his sleep pattern. This food supplement is responsible for the Circadian Rhythm. It is like a clock inside our body which commands our waking hours.

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The darker the surrounding is, the more melatonin is produced. If you travel to a place with a 12 hour difference from where you live, taking this hormone will make you sleep during the time of the day when you are supposed to be awake from your country of origin.

For Cancer Protection

Men who are diagnosed with prostate cancer and women with breast cancer have lower levels of melatonin. Concomitant with cancer medicines, this hormone can help prevent cancer cells from multiplying and spreading to other organs.

As a Contraceptive

This is known to prevent ovulation in women and can be used with an oral contraceptive for enhanced efficacy. For men, this hormone is known to decrease *** drive.  If you want to control the size of your family, this hormone can be of help.

For Bodybuilders

This supplement can help bodybuilders develop more muscle mass. A study showed that this hormone can increase the growth hormone levels of bodybuilders. A study has shown that those bodybuilders who took this hormone prior to working out have higher levels of growth hormones as compared to the placebo group.

Seasonal Affective Disorder

Those who are suffering from depression and seasonal affective disorder exhibit low levels of this hormone. This hormone is believed to increase the happy hormone or serotonin which is responsible for the feel good sensation of a person. Aside from increasing serotonin, they are able to sleep well and wake up feeling light and with a sunny disposition.

For Alzheimer’s Disease

For those who suffer from this condition, they can benefit from this hormone because it induces sleep and prevents further cognitive breakdown.

Side Effects

All food supplements, whether herbal or not, may trigger some side effects. In this case, it might cause headaches, dizziness, and abdominal cramps. It may also cause some severe allergic reactions to some people. For first-time users, it may make you less alert so driving a motor vehicle must be prohibited. It may have some many benefits, but still, you must consult a professional before taking this hormone.