Who would have known that looking this sad will make you famous? Well, this ginger stray cat never thought this way until he was saved by two awesome humans! He was already giving up hope while sitting in his cage at an animal shelter. Someone took him to an emergency vet clinic in Vancouver. He was in a terrible state, but the vets patched him up and treated him. Then, they sent the poor cat to the BCSPCA hospital, where they hoped someone will come and adopt him.

Two days before being put down; this sad cat gets rescued by one of the vets at the clinic. He is now BenBen, the ‘saddest cat on the Internet’.

20. This Cat Had No Chance


When BenBen got into the clinic, he had a crushed spine, his ear was crumpled and his body was full of cuts and bruises. As for his sad face, it was because he had too much skin on his face…

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