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Shelter Wanted To Euthanize A Sick ‘Unadoptable’ Cat, But Look At Her Now

Shelter Wanted To Euthanize A Sick ‘Unadoptable’ Cat, But Look At Her Now

Who would have known that looking this sad will make you famous? Well, this ginger stray cat never thought this way until he was saved by two awesome humans! He was already giving up hope while sitting in his cage at an animal shelter. Someone took him to an emergency vet clinic in Vancouver. He was in a terrible state, but the vets patched him up and treated him. Then, they sent the poor cat to the BCSPCA hospital, where they hoped someone will come and adopt him.

Two days before being put down; this sad cat gets rescued by one of the vets at the clinic. He is now BenBen, the ‘saddest cat on the Internet’.

20. This Cat Had No Chance

When BenBen got into the clinic, he had a crushed spine, his ear was crumpled and his body was full of cuts and bruises. As for his sad face, it was because he had too much skin on his face…

19. A Gloomy Look

Of course, he looked sad and might have also felt that way, because he was very sick, he didn’t want to eat, drink or play. The staff at the animal clinic thought he’d never walk again.

18. A Chance To Carry On

The shelter kept BenBen for a while, thinking that someone might want to adopt him, but after a person returned him because he was too difficult to care for, the shelter realized the cat won’t make it.

17. Scheduled for Euthanasia

The poor ginger cat was going to be put down. His time on the streets was rough and it appears he was attacked by a large animal. But right when he was going to face death, someone checked on BenBen.

16. We Had to Step In

A veterinary technician – Sandy, at the emergency vet clinic heard what was going to happen to BenBen. She and her boyfriend Adam rushed to the shelter just a couple of days before the cat was going to be put down. Her words broke our hearts…

15. He Was So Broken

We decided to adopt him because we believe everyone deserves a chance! He was so broken and sick and didn’t look like he’d ever been loved.’ This cat’s face saved his life, because of this…

14. They Had to Take Him

When they saw BenBen again, Sandy said that ‘His face melted our hearts and we knew we had to take a chance on him’.

13. His Forever Home

Everything was sorted out, one day before he was scheduled to be put down. When BenBen was at the shelter, Sandy said that he looked like he ‘knew he was going to die and had just given up hope’. Then a miracle happened!

12. A Miracle Within the Hour

They got BenBen out and after he adjusted in their bathroom, far from the couple’s other cats, he started gaining hope. You won’t believe what the ginger cat did then!

11. He Was Safe

‘He was instantly full of purrs, smiles, and ‘thank you’ cuddles. I like to think he knew he was safe and had his forever home at that moment’, said the cat’s father. And then, one more hour later, BenBen was checking his home…

10. BenBen the Supurr-visor Of The House

The cat completely changed when he got to his new home. And even though he wobbled instead of walking, he would finally prove vets that he was going to live longer. And more than that, BenBen could even run and jump!

9. A Famous Sad Kitten

BenBen’s face still looks sad, but his journey back to health was full of happiness. You can check him on his Instagram account, where the couple has documented their experience with him. Since then, he became an Internet sensation!

8. Thousands of Followers

If you look for benbencatcat on Instagram, you’d be surprised that this ginger cat, dubbed as ‘the saddest cat on the Internet’, has 169 thousand followers! How did the couple react to this much fame?

7. That Was Unexpected

‘We had a feeling that he might get a little bit of attention but we didn’t expect this,’ said Adam. And with this much fame, the couple has put it to good use, raising funds for shelters and other cases like BenBen.

6. A Treatment All His Life

Adam also said that they treated BenBen for bone infections too, but the poor cat will need ‘painkillers for the rest of his life to manage nerve pain. He also said that even with his problems, the cat is amazing!

5. This Cat is Amazing!

‘For a cat that was never supposed to be able to walk after going through what he went through, he’s doing amazing,’ said Adam. Everyone who has seen BenBen before couldn’t believe he ‘turned out so awesome’, he said.

4. The Happiest Kitty in The World 

He might look sad, but on the inside, BenBen is the happiest cat in the world! One year and a half from being rescued, BenBen enjoys playing, sleeping and more importantly, trying to convince his humans that it’s ok for him to eat their food.

3. We’re So Proud Of Him!

‘We’re so proud of this little monster’, said the couple. And who wouldn’t be, looking at BenBen playing with his furry siblings and enjoying life? He even gets fan mail and special presents. And he’s also a little hero!

2. Helping Others

With so much fame around BenBen’s sad face on social media, the couple has gathered a lot of funds: ‘Unfortunately the BC SPCA doesn’t have a lot of funding to help strays that come through their building.’

1. Raising Money For Strays

‘We thought we could help other cats just like BenBen,’ said Sandy. They even have a GoFundMe page, where they’ve raised over $14,400! They also sell calendars and other things with BenBen’s face to help with the fundraising!