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Shocking Hotel Maids Confess Dirty Secrets You Wish You Never Knew About

Shocking Hotel Maids Confess Dirty Secrets You Wish You Never Knew About

Some people don’t have an issue with checking in and spending the night in a random hotel room where they’ve never been before, but I can’t stop from wondering what happened there or who else slept in the same bed where I am going to sleep. Even though this might be just paranoia talking, you won’t’ believe what types of dirty secrets these maids revealed! If you are reading this from a hotel room, then I advise you to get ready because you will be shocked!

20. Dirty Bed Sheets

A former housekeeper that goes by the name of Peter Mayer said in a Quora answer that the blanket or the bedspread are almost never washed! The former housekeeper said that most hotels have over 50 sets of beddings and that hotel managers don’t want to pay that much money to wash and wire them daily. If you thought this secret was shocking then you really need to see the next picture.

19. Don’t Sit On Chairs!

The first tip that maids have for people is to never sit on chairs or sofas. Do you want to know why? Because there are MANY people who sit naked on them. What’s even grosser than this is the fact that those poor maids have to clean everything. Sadly, hotel rooms get even weirder than this…

18. Secret Room History

A hotel maid said that most rooms have a secret and dark past. One maid said that there was an instance where a guest hanged himself in one of the rooms and the hotel did everything in its power to keep this hidden away from the media to not scare other customers away. This is something to keep in mind while trying to fall asleep in a hotel room if you want to have nightmares!

17. The Ritz Special Fund

The Ritz Carlton is known as one of the fanciest hotels in the world. Although, the thing that no one knows about The Ritz Carlton is that every employee has a special $1,500 fund that’s dedicated to satisfying their customer’s needs. Now, this is something worth keeping in mind, just like the next dirty secret.

16. Don’t Touch The Minibar

Maids are saying that people need to learn to check for bottle seals if they want to drink something from there. Many maids gave different examples of instances where people do weird stuff with the minibar such as peeing in the bottle and putting it back. While this minibar secret was gross and strange, the next one will leave you shocked!

15. No One Cleans Glasses

Glasses are never cleaned and hotel guests should wash them first if they want to drink something out of them. Also, the glasses for toothbrushes are never cleaned because the cleaners always forget about them. There is another thing that never gets cleaned and you won’t believe what it is!

14. Dirty TV Remote

The one thing that is never cleaned, no matter which hotel, is the TV remote. Remember this the next time you want to turn on the TV and the buttons are sticky! Leaving the gross secrets aside, let’s see something that all hotel workers do but never tell anyone!

13. Taking Forgotten Items

The one thing every hotel worker does but doesn’t want anyone to know is that they keep forgotten items. One maid which used an anonymous Reddit account said that she got a hair straightener and a designer jacket. Did you know that maids use hotel toilets?

12. Maids Use Hotel Toilets

Even though maids are strictly forbidden to use hotel rooms for their personal needs, most of them do it anyways. Why do they do it? Well, because they are exhausted from work and don’t have too much time on their hands to go to their employee bathroom. Check out what the hotel staff thinks about people who use hotels for affairs!

11. No Moral Judgement

If there’s one thing hotel staff are trained to see, it is couples who are looking for discretion. Hotel staff is always discrete about what’s happening in there and even though they might see that someone is having an affair, they don’t really care. All they care about is their pay and not about passing moral judgment. But do you know what hotel staff fears the most?

10. Flashers

The weirdest secret that maids unveiled is that there are many people who enjoy flashing. Hotel maids say that these perverts are always looking for different ways to lure them into their rooms such as asking for new remote batteries. Check out the trick to getting fresh towels.

9. How To Get Fresh Towels

In case you are not a frequent hotel guest or you just didn’t know, maids will always supply guests with fresh towels if they leave them on the floor. If the towels are put on the rack, the maid will just ignore them. You won’t believe how the hotel staff feels about guests!

8. Hotel Staff Doesn’t Like Guests

Even though the hotel staff is trained to always smile and make guests feel welcomed, this is not how they actually feel. Maids generally don’t like hotel guests because they need to clean after them, this is why people need to be nicer.

Let’s move on to the next picture and see why you should always be nice to the hotel staff.

7. Being Nice Pays Off

One of the things that will make everyone who works in a hotel treat guests better is when the guests are nice. Maids say that guests who treat them with respect always receive better service. So, make sure to greet everyone while walking to your hotel room.

6. Secret File Guest

All premium hotels such as the Four Seasons have files on their guests. This way, the hotel always knows what type of food or services you like. One man tested this theory by asking one of the staff members to include the fact that he likes cookies in the secret list and the next time he checked in a Four Seasons room he found a plate filled with cookies.

5. Breakfast Food

Even though all hotels offer free breakfast, this doesn’t mean that you should always eat it! Maids are saying that one of the biggest secrets in every hotel is that breakfast food is often handled in an unsanitary manner while being prepared. The next hotel secret is going to make your jaw drop!

4. Bed Bugs

One of the scariest hotel secrets is that bed bugs are not as rare as hotel managers would like you to think. Every maid has a horror story about finding bed bugs and this secret discourages us from ever stepping foot in a cheap hotel ever again.

3. Champagne Ice Bucket

Drinking champagne out of an ice bucket is cool, right? Well, not so much if you know that the ice bucket is also used as a puke recipient for sick guests. Therefore, never use an ice bucket that doesn’t have a liner.

2. Tips

Guests who tip their housekeepers are going to be remembered and they will receive extra attention. Maids say that guests who stay for more than one night should consider tipping as something obligatory if they want premium services. This next secret will show you how to remove additional charges.

1. Remove Additional Charges

What many people don’t know is that they can always ask the staff to remove their Wi-Fi, gym, pool and newspaper charges. This is a great tip which will save you some serious cash in the long run.


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