Shoes complement the clothes you wear. Men may not own as much shoes as women, but you should keep in mind that shoes can make or break your outfit. It is important therefore that you only wear the shoes that match well with the material of your shirt and trousers. This means that you should have at least one pair for every occasion like work, casual, parties, formal affairs, etc.

Shoes are part of your fashion statement and it will say a lot of things about how you take care of yourself by how well you maintain the cleanliness of your shoes.  Do shoe shine your leather shoes regularly to keep it looking new and clean.

Leather shoes may be made from durable and long-lasting material, but it does not mean that you will not maintain the condition of your leather shoes. Leather shoes are made from different sources, so it is important that you clean your leather shoes by using the right cleaning materials.

It is not advisable that that you use a shoe shine kit that you can buy from the drugstore. It may be very easy and convenient to use, but it is always too greasy, making your leather shoes look very dull. Below are some helpful tips on how you can maintain the shine and make your leather shoes look new all the time.

Cow Leather Shoes

If your leather shoes are made from cow leather, it is best that you use a cream polish instead of a wax polish. The cream will all the more bring out the natural beauty of you cow leather shoes. First, apply the cream by using a small leather brush in a circular motion. Once you have covered the shoes with cream, the next step for a shoe shine is to use a large brush in order to brush-off the excess cream on the shoes.

Brush the cow leather shoes until it brings out the shine. Do it carefully though so as not to cause any abrasion on the leather shoes. Once you are satisfied with the shine, you now buff it with a lint-free soft cloth or towel. This is to soften the shine and make it look more natural. Lastly, finish it off by applying a liquid shoe polish on the soles of the cow leather shoes.

Horse Leather

If you will shoe shine a leather shoe made from horse leather, you will use another type of cleaner in order to bring out the shine and make your leather shoes look always new. It is advisable that you use a wax polish when cleaning a horse leather shoe.

The wax polish is similar to the wax polish that you use for cleaning your automobile. The same rule applies when shining your horse leather shoes. Do not use a shoe shine kit from a drug store. You need a wax cream, shoe brush, and a soft cloth material.

Do brush your leather shoes twice a week to make it look new all the time. Wearing the right shoes is a fashion statement in itself, so keep it clean by shining it regularly.