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Shy Horse Approaches Rude Cat, But When He Gets Too Close…

Shy Horse Approaches Rude Cat, But When He Gets Too Close…

There are many stories on unlikely friendships between animals, and there are even books written on them! But you haven’t heard of this pair of best buddies! They’re not your regular cat and dog, dog and fox or dog and tiger duo… They’re quite a weird one, considering there is a considerable difference in size! But this kitten didn’t mind that the family horse was too big. He loved him right from the beginning, and you know what? The horse loves the cat and allows him to climb on his back and take a nap!

You won’t believe how cute and funny these guys are together!

20. A Lone Cat

We all know that cats are more likely to just be on their own, but this guy won’t leave his horse alone! You might think it’s crazy or we’re exaggerating, but Sappy the cat adores Dakota, the horse. When did they meet?

19. Sappy the Kitten

Sappy was only a kitten when he became a member of the Kinney family. Nobody knew that Sappy would take Dakota as his adoptive dad. This is what Denice Kinney, the human mommy said…

18. Sad and Happy

‘I got the cat as a kitten last May, his name is Sappy… My nephews named him that because he looks sad and happy, but mostly happy,’ said Denice. But then she noticed something special was happening between the kitten and Dakota.

17. Dakota the Horse

The family horse is 15-years old and Sappy is now 1-year-old, and even though it’s a huge difference of size and age, none of these two appear to be bothered by it. They’ve formed an unusual bond, and Denice wanted to share it with us…

16. They’re Adorable!

Sappy started to grow, and he kept following Dakota. The funny thing is that he likes the attention and has never harmed the cat. He loves to nuzzle and cuddle him, and we’re melting from this much cuteness!

15. He Won’t Leave His Side

Denice Kinney shared these awesome moments in a video and some photos of the pair, and they truly are inseparable. You won’t believe what Sappy does when Dakota goes for walks!

14. A Tiny Cat

Even when Sappy was a tiny cat, he wasn’t afraid of Dakota. And Denice knew that Sappy had a crush only on Dakota: ‘When Sappy was a small kitten, I could tell they had a close bond, the kitten never paid attention to other horses.’

13. Sappy Was Everywhere

Then Sappy grew, and Denice ‘noticed he would be lying next to the horse as he grazed.’ She also saw something unusual, and we’re so lucky she had a camera close to capture the funny moment. Here they are…

12. This ‘Bed’ is so SOFT!

‘If the horse laid down, he would lay on him,’ said Denice. And then she continued to shock us saying that she even saw Sappy ‘crawl up his tail to get on his back!’ This cat is like an overly attached boyfriend!

11. They Love to Snuggle

Nonetheless, Dakota loves Sappy back. The owners know it too: ‘Dakota could step on Sappy the cat at any time and destroy him but he chooses not to, they are so cute together!’

10. Always Together

This pair of friend spends their whole free time with each other, and most of the times, you can see Sappy napping on Dakota’s back. Perhaps he loves to take in the view from the top!

9. Not Much In Common

Even though a cat and a horse have nothing in common, these guys adore each other and won’t like it if they get separated. And wait until you hear what Denice said about Sappy’s daily chores. We couldn’t stop laughing!

8. Never Apart

‘The cat is in his stall every day during feeding time and after feed time,’ said Kinney. And when she lays down the food container, they come together to eat. Then, if Denice goes riding, guess who tags along!

7. Tagging Along

Denice said that if she goes ‘riding the cat goes along like a dog would!’ Maybe Sappy is a bit confused because someone else took his spot on top of Dakota’s back. That’s when they were completely sure…

6. Dakota’s Forever Buddy

After seeing that the cat won’t stop obsessing over Dakota, they realized this pair is going to last forever! Dakota is Sappy’s father, and their relationship is unique. Dakota also likes to sniff the other furry member of the family. We’re totally melting over these guys!

5. They’re So Sweet!

These buddies are so sweet together, and you can see that they love each other very much. Denice is having a blast looking at them: ‘[Dakota] pins his ears as if he is really gonna get him. That cat just looks at him, it is so cute.’

4. Grabbing the Cat

And when Dakota wants to move the cat, he gently takes him by the neck, said Kinney: ‘A horse person will realize that the horse could easily have already harmed the cat but he is gentle even when he gets ahold of the nap of his neck.’

3. A Special Friendship

You don’t see a pair like these guys too often. Denice is lucky to have them in her yard, and she knows it: ‘They are quite the pair. They truly have a special bond.’ Sappy also loves to play with the dog!

2. Snuggle Session

As you can see, nothing in this world can stop the snuggling partners. Not the size difference, not the age difference and most definitely not the language barrier! And the owners love to snuggle their pets too!

1. A Bond For Life

Sappy and Dakota are bonded for life and looking at them is quite a feast. You don’t always see a relationship this adorable! One thing is true: their family surely is happy to see their beloved animals getting along together!