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Signs that You’re Obsessing About a Relationship


When we meet someone new or get into a relationship there is always the chance that we’re going to spend some extra time thinking about his person, and in fact that’s totally expected. But there’s a difference between feeling lovestruck and having someone on the mind and obsessing a little too much. Here are some signs that it might be the latter.

You Constantly Think About Them

There can be a fine line between thinking about someone a lot and not being able to stop thinking about them. One of the ways to tell the difference is whether it feels good or not. When we’re thinking about someone who we like in a normal way we might feel excited, but it can point towards obsession if we feel disempowered or like we need to “keep” the person are constantly thinking about ways to make sure that we do. This is not a healthy place to come from in a relationship since we can’t own other people who have their own free.

In healthy relationships both people will be there because they want to be there, not because they are being forced to stay or because they have an interest in keeping control over the other person.

You Get Anxious When You Don’t Hear From Them

It’s normal to expect a response when you text or call someone but it’s not necessarily normal to feel a sense of anxiety if you don’t. Think about it, with a friend you generally just assume that they are busy and that will get back to you when they can, but this turns into obsessing when you’re worrying unnecessarily. Sometimes this feeling presents itself as the worry that they’re cheating on you or that the relationship might be over, even where there are no other signs to point to this.

They Feel Suffocated

If you partner feels suffocated in the relationship it does not necessarily mean that you are obsessing, but when this feeling is present alongside you having some feelings of anxiety about them then it might be true. Unless someone has a lot of commitment or intimacy issues they generally won’t feel suffocated unless they feel like their boundaries are being crossed. Just because someone needs space and to feel comfortable with some distance does not mean that they don’t care about you or want to keep the relationship. We all have different needs and some of us need more space than others to fulfill those needs.

You Feel Like You Can’t Live Without Them

It’s normal to prefer to have someone in your life than not, but if you literally feel like you couldn’t live without someone you might be obsessing a bit. In a perfect world we get to hang out with our favorite people as long as we want to, but since we can’t control other people or everything in life sometimes things don’t go as planned. As much as sucks you should be able to move on if necessary.