Feeling the breeze brush through your face while racing down the Haute Route from Chamonix France and Zermatt, Switzerland is one of the best experiences that you will have during your ski travel; making it the most memorable one. Because of the straightforward downhill slopes in this route, you will surely feel your adrenaline rush while skiing downhill, in a fast and smooth glide.

If you are in for adventure, you can also go the ‘Natural Haute Route’. This is more adventurous and is gaining more and more popularity nowadays because of the death-defying feeling that it gives to skiers. Whatever route you are going for, though, you will surely enjoy the fit travel that you are in for in these mountains.

Haute Route

Here are some things that you can look forward to in this active yet pleasant tour in the mountains of Mont Blanc and Matterhorn.

Huts and Inns

You will pass along several villages that offer lots of mountain huts and inns where you can have a great stay. Enjoy the food and the views that you will experience during your stay in these inns while you are hiking towards your destination.

Making new friends will also add to the enjoyment of your active and amusing travel.

Skiing Tour

The most coveted tour that every skier wanted to try is the Skiing Tour in Haute Route, which is the one that you should aim for. Mostly, several variations of routes between Chamonix and Zermatt are taken so it would be best to take the easiest path and purest path if you want to finish this tour: the Verbier Variation. But, regardless of which variation you are going to choose, such as the Classic Variation, the Grande Lui Variation or the Backward Haute Route, you will surely find this tour amazing and extraordinary.

The tour needs favorable weather and snow conditions to accomplish, making it nearly impossible to get done by almost half of skiers that are trying this tour. But, it would surely be a pleasure once you have finished this route; making this tour a must-try.


If you are in for breathtaking views, better spend another day traveling and pay a peak ascent or two a visit. These will give you fantastic views and will also encourage you to keep going higher, as the views are getting more and more thrilling as you go from one peak ascent to the other.

Some of the peak ascents that you might want to try going to are Rosablanche, Mont Blanc and Breithom.

Get ready to bring everything that you will need for this travel as the routes can be very technical when weather conditions are not so good. It would be best to bring extra gear and batteries for your camera as well so that you can capture every moment of your travel; making it possible for you to see which peaks you ought to get back to in your future travel in these amazing mountains.