Also known as the sarsaparilla root, Smilax has been gaining popularity in the industry of dietary supplements these days. It is because this herb contains sterols which is said to stimulate the body’s metabolic process. Furthermore, the herb is also known for its ability to augment an athlete’s performance during training and in other situations where his body is often pushed to the limits.

But contrary to what a lot of body builders believe, the Smilax or sarsaparilla does not actually contain any testosterone. But, it has been used mostly as one of the ingredients in the production of synthetic testosterones, which are believe to augment the body’s production of its own testosterone, helping one to bulk up on muscles.

What is Sarsaparilla?

This herb originated from Mexico, although it can also be found in Jamaica, Ecuador and Honduras. Almost all Smilax species are actually similar in appearance regardless of their country of origin. The plant is mostly used for medicinal purposes. Its root has that sweet and spicy smell, and thus, it is used as a natural flavoring agent on some foods, non alcoholic beverages, as well as medicines. But nowadays, the sarsaparilla root is mostly used as an ingredient in dietary and bodybuilding supplements.

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What Is It Used For?

The Smilax is commonly used for traditional as well as ethno botanical purposes. In fact, in the 1570s, a French physician named Nicholas Monardes is said to have used the herb to treat syphilis. During the 1812, some Portuguese soldiers who have suffered from syphilis have recovered faster when they took Smilax. It has also been used by various cultures all over the world in treating different kinds of ailments, such as arthritis, skin problems, fever, digestive disorders, and even cancer and leprosy.

Will It Help to Build Muscles?

As mentioned, the Smilax is commonly found on various body building supplements these days. The reason is because this herb is said to help augment the body’s own production of testosterone. In fact, there are some experts who claimed that this herb is also used in the production of synthetic testosterones which aid in muscle building.

How Safe Is It?

There have been no reports of injuries and other harmful side effects as a result of using a supplement that contains Smilax. However, this supplement is not safe for pregnant women and those who are lactating. And just like with other bodybuilding supplements, this supplement is not ideal for children. Those who suffer from a certain condition and is under medication should seek advice from the doctor before deciding to take a Smilax supplement.

The ability of the Smilax to bind with endotoxins has made it possible to cure various illnesses. Taking supplements that contain this herb will not only help one to bulk up on muscles but will also help bodybuilders in enhancing their performance especially during workouts. The recommended daily dose of this supplement is 0.3 up to 2 grams per day, for powdered varieties.