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“Sorry, But I’m Keeping Your Babies” Surrogate Mother Responds To Biological Parents After They Place A Shocking Demand

“Sorry, But I’m Keeping Your Babies” Surrogate Mother Responds To Biological Parents After They Place A Shocking Demand

For many women who can’t get pregnant or conceive, surrogacy has given them the hope of having their own child. The process grew popularity in the late 80s when a woman from the UK became the first surrogate mother. Ever since then, there have been thousands of children born out of surrogacy. So when one couple ran into problems with getting pregnant, they decided to reach out to a surrogate. However, their dreams of becoming parents ended quickly when the mother decided to keep the babies!

20. Surrogacy 

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For those that don’t know, according to Wikipedia, “Surrogacy is an arrangement, often supported by a legal agreement, whereby a woman agrees to become pregnant, carry the pregnancy to due term, and give birth to a child or children, all of this for another person or persons, who are or will ultimately become the parent of the newborn child or children.”

19. Lots of Interest

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Over the past few years, surrogacy has grown a lot in popularity. In fact, according to Deliberate Magazine, “In the US there’s an estimated average of 9 babies born via surrogate in each state.” Many couples opt for a surrogate when they run into problems getting pregnant. 

18. Unnamed Couple

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Recently, an unnamed couple began to look into surrogacy in order to finally start their family. However, things quickly took a turn for the worst when the surrogate mother they hired refused to give up the twin babies that she was carrying for them. This soon led into an entire investigation…

17. Gaining Custody 

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According to the law, even though the children are not biologically her’s, the birth mother can still file for custody. The surrogate mother explained that when the twins were finally born that she had an intense bond with them and didn’t want to let them go. However, problems began before the twins were even born!

16. One Condition 

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The surrogate, who is also a mother to two teen boys, said she initially agreed to carry the babies in order to help out the couple. However, there was one condition that she expected them to follow through on. She wanted the relationship between all of them to be friendly. 

15. Friendly Enough 

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According to the surrogate mother, when she first met the couple they were extremely friendly to her. She wanted to maintain that relationship throughout her pregnancy and hoped that the couple would feel the same. The couple agreed, however, she soon started to notice a change. 

14. A Change 

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As the months continued to proceed, the woman began to notice that the couple became less and less friendly toward her. In fact, she began to feel used and like the entire process was like a business transaction. This immediately caught her off guard and made her feel uncomfortable with the situation. 

13. Healthy Contact  

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I decided to become a surrogate mother because I wanted to help a childless couple. But it was also important to me that there should be a friendship between me and the parents and that this contact continued after the birth,” the woman, who is going by the name Margaret, told the Daily Mail UK. 

12. Feeling Used 

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When it became clear to me that this couple, who are both professionals, saw this as just a business arrangement, and me as some sort of incubator, I changed my mind and decided to keep the children,” Margaret explained. The couple on the other hand were dealing with their own setbacks. 

11. Complications 

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The couple that Margaret was carrying a baby for had been trying to get pregnant for several years. However, they continued to run into complications every time. Eventually, the wife had her eggs frozen so that they could one day have a baby via a surrogate. 

10. The Agreement 

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When the couple got in touch with Margaret, they had an agreement that they would pay her $12,000 in monthly installments. The couple continued to follow through on this until they found out that Margaret had different intentions than the ones she had initially agreed to. The couple was devastated. 

9. Eight Weeks 

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At just eight weeks of pregnancy, the couple found out that Margaret was planning on keeping the babies. Margaret stated that the problems began when she found out that she was having twins. “I wanted to think about terminating one of the babies. But the next thing I know the couple had arranged for me to have a termination of one twin,” she explained. 

8. Angry 

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I was angry. I had not decided that was definitely what I wanted. They had also started dealing with me through COTS when I would have preferred to keep the intimate, friendly arrangement we had discussed,” she told the Daily Mail UK. The couple continued to only communicate to Margaret through the Childlessness Overcome Through Surrogacy, or COTS group, which had arranged the pregnancy.

7. Keeping Both Babies 

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Finally, Margaret had made the decision to keep both of the babies and alerted COTS to her decision. After that point, Margaret said that she never heard from the couple again. However, she soon found out that they were keeping tabs on her the whole time!

6. Unfit Mother 

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Soon, Margaret went into labor and it was time for her to give birth to the twins. However, she soon found out that the biological parents were working hard to build up a case against Margaret. They wanted to prove that she would be an unfit mother to the twins. This, however, would be hard as COTS had already approved her for being a surrogate. 

5. Trying Hard 

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Since Margaret has given birth, the couple has tried various ways to get the babies from her. In fact, they have even offered her thousands of dollars. Margaret, however, has refused any and all money and doesn’t want to give the babies up. However, she is willing to compromise with them…

4. A Compromise 

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At the moment they have visitation rights. And I would be happy if this continues. There can’t be criticism of the cultural differences between the babies and me if they are seeing them every weekend. I would be devastated if they take the babies away from me – it would be too cruel. But I am happy to share them. Then, when the time comes, we will explain to them why they have three parents,” Margaret said. 

3. Legal Route 

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Still, the couple has continued to try again and again to get their biological children back. They have even gone down the legal route and served the surrogate papers. However, it seems that a judge couldn’t legally grant them custody anyway. Throughout all of this, the surrogate doesn’t feel as though she’s done anything wrong. 

2. Devastated

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My other children will be devastated if the babies are taken away. So will I. I don’t understand why this couple can’t move on – find another surrogate and leave me and my babies alone,” Margaret stated. “To take them from me now would be barbaric and completely unfair. They are putting on weight, they are happy and healthy and I consider myself to be their mother.”

1. Controversy 

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The entire story has started up a controversy on the Internet with everyone arguing over who is right in a situation like this. At the moment, the babies are with the surrogate mother as the biological parents continue to fight for custody.