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Greet With Gentleman Class

There are many ways to greet someone. When you come across someone, you have to decide in a matter of seconds what kind of greeting to make – a hug, handshake, or just a nod. Greeting is a form of speaking, and you always have to do it the proper way.

Always greet with courtesy and respect. Here are some guidelines for proper greetings.


If you’re applying for a job and you’re called for an interview, always give a firm handshake and maintain eye contact. Don’t grip the hand too hard, but use the right amount of pressure so that your hand isn’t non-comittal. If you’re nervous, try to relax yourself by breathing properly. It’s awkward to offer a handshake knowing your hands are shaky and sweaty.

Meeting an Old Friend

If you come across an old friend unexpectedly, you may have a difficult time assessing whether to just say hi or give a hug. In this scenario, it’s polite to greet an old friend with a hug and a pat on the back. Speaking of old friends, what if you come across your ex-girlfriend? How do you greet her? Be a gentleman and give her a light kiss on the cheek if she’s alone or with her girlfriends. If she’s with a guy, it’s more polite to just shake her hand. That way, you don’t create an awkward moment with your ex-girlfriend and her current beau.

European Greeting

Europeans greet with a kiss on both cheeks. If you’re not European, this should only be done if you’ve met the person more than once.


If you’re walking down the street and you come across someone whom you met before in a gathering, greet the person with a nod, especially if you’ve never had a lengthy conversation before. Speaking or starting a short conversation with the person is also good.

The High Five

This is a common greeting among male friends. It’s a way of communicating to each other that you’re equals. By greeting through the high five, you show respect to the other person. It’s also polite to greet children with a high five.

These are the polite ways for how to be a gentleman and greet with class.