When a whale got stranded, locals or fishers couldn’t help it go back into the deep waters. That’s when they called the big guns – literally! They called the Security Forces Headquarters – Mullaittivu (SFHQ-MLT) to come assists with the rescue of a 70-foot (21 meters) whale. The poor mammal not only was stuck in shallow waters, but it was also entangled in a fishing net.

Nobody backed down, and after hours of struggle, the whale was finally free to swim in deeper waters! You won’t believe what the Army troops used for the rescue mission!

20. Stuck for a ‘Whale’


Fishermen and the locals near the village of Kokilai announced the officials that a whale was trapped close to the shore and it couldn’t get back to the deep water. Unfortunately, it was also entangled in fishing nets and ropes…

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