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Strategies to Turn Failure Into Success

If people never failed in anything they did, there could be no real success. If nothing else, success wouldn’t be as meaningful. As it is, there will always be failures, and people will always hope and work for success. To increase your potential for success, try the following:

  1. Accept that failures are necessary. You need to practice, and those failures are simply the necessary try-outs. You will have success in the future, and maybe some more failures. Just remember that failures are necessary prerequisites.
  2. Fail during the practice. If you can keep failures during the practice, you’re in good shape. This is possible by intensifying practice sessions. In effect, you restrict failures there. This is called honing your skills and talents. Stand-up comedians appear like they are instantaneous successes; the truth is that they practice a lot. Your sales pitch is not any different. Practice in the mirror, on your teammates, and your partner before you tackle the first client.
  3. Observe yourself. Record on video how you deliver your sales pitch or presentation. Criticize your performance and make notes on areas of improvement. Ask others to give you their thoughts.
  4. Find yourself a coach. This person has to be someone you trust to be upfront with you about the truth. They must also be a person you believe in. After a significant failure, it will not be easy to reconcile your thoughts: one believing that you have the talent and skills to pull it off, and the other telling you that you just flopped that one. The right person will be able to tell you why you failed, give you a fair assessment, and push you in the right direction.

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Success and failure occur together or one after the other, very much the same way as try-outs, practice games, and tournaments do. Don’t be intimidated.