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Student Saves The Life Of Whole Class By Driving Bus To Safety After Their Driver Unexpectedly Passed Out

Student Saves The Life Of Whole Class By Driving Bus To Safety After Their Driver Unexpectedly Passed Out

When you send your kids off to school on the school bus, you expect that they will get to their destination safely. However, what is a bus full of students supposed to do when the driver unexpectedly faints while driving them to school?! It was a nightmarish situation that happened, but luckily there were two students on the bus that saved the day!

20. What Would You Do?

Image: CBS Local

Imagine that you’re sitting in the passenger seat of a car and the driver just passes out without warning? What would you do in a situation like this? Well, imagine this situation but on a school bus!

19. School Bus 

Image: YouTube

It was a typical school day for students attending middle school in their local town. All of the students were packed up into the bus and were behaving as usual. The bus driver then began to make his way toward the middle school. 

18. Driving To School 


So the bus driver set off on the road to the middle. Suddenly, out of nowhere, the driver fell ill and he completely passed out. The driver was completely unconscious and was still behind the wheel of a huge bus loaded with children!

17. Driving Erratically 


The bus began to drive erratically on the road as it swerved from side to side. Students on the bus immediately noticed that something was wrong. That’s when they realized that the driver was no longer conscious. 

16. Scared

Image: YouTube

The group of middle school students were obviously terrified. After all, operating a huge bus takes a lot of lessons to figure out. Operating a school bus isn’t the same as driving around a regular car!

15. Springing To Action 


Suddenly, one of the students understood that something had to be done or all of their lives would be in danger. Seventh grader Jeremy Wuitschick decided that he would be the one to spring into action in this situation. He did something incredibly brave that would save everyone’s lives…

14. Flailing 


Wuitschick immediately noticed when the bus driver’s arms started to flail around as he lost control of the bus and became unconscious. The middle schooler jumped out of his seat and headed for the wheel of the bus. He knew that he had to take over as the bus driver was completely knocked out cold. 

13. Pulling Over 

Image: WFOX Jacksonville

Wuitschick took control of the wheel and quickly decided what he would do. He began to maneuver the enormous school bus so that he could pull it over to the side of the road. Then he pulled the keys out of the ignition when the bus had finally come to a stop. 

12. Saving The Day   

Image: YouTube

Finally, once the bus had been stopped, all of the children cheered. They were finally safe and it was all thanks to the brave seventh grader. The young boy then began to try and help the driver regain consciousness. 

11. Recognition 


Everyone has been cheering the young boy on as a real hero for his brave actions! He has even been praised by the local police chief. Wuitschick’s actions helped saved the lives of everyone involved in this scary situation.

10. Deserving Credit


I’ll tell you, I’ll give the kid credit for fast thinking. He did the right thing and we’re going to do something for him. The kid definitely deserves credit,” Rhodes told ABC News. Police officers were notified of the situation when people called in that a school bus was driving frantically on the road. 

9. Under Control 

Image: STN Media

By the time the police officers got on the scene, Wuitschick had it under control. Wuitschick managed to pull the bus over in front of Discovery Primary School. The primary school happens to be adjacent to the middle school that the students were heading to. 

8. Recalling The Moment

Image: YouTube

When he was interviewed by the local news, Wuitschick recalled how scary the situation he was faced with was. “I knew something was wrong,” Wuitschick told ABC affiliate KOMO. “It was pretty scary. I was just acting on instinct. It was all happening really quickly.”

7. Instructed

Image: York Daily Record

Jeff Short, assistant superintendant for the Fife school district, stated that all of the students had been trained on what to do in the event of an emergency. They were instructed on how to shut the bus down during an emergency. It seems that those instructional lessons proved helpful in such a moment. 

6. Staff Member

Image: WFOX Jacksonville

John McCrossin, a staff member at the school, was driving behind the bus when the incident occurred. He noticed when the bus began to drive off the road and he followed behind the entire time. When the bus had finally stopped he rushed out of his car to see what was going on. 

5. CPR 


McCrossin quickly hopped out of his car and got onto the school bus. He saw that the driver was completely unconscious and knew he had to act fast. So McCrossin began to perform CPR on the driver!

4. Calling 911

Image: blogTO

As McCrossin continued to perform CPR, the kids on the bus let him know that they had already called 911. Everyone waited until an ambulance came around to help the bus driver. He was then quickly escorted to the hospital. 

3. Heart Condition 

Image: VillageSoup

The driver was quickly transported to a local hospital where he was treated. According to ABC News, “Emergency service personnel told school administrators he was suffering from a problem related to the heart. Short said his condition was “grave.”

2. No Injuries 


Luckily, everyone on the bus was able to get off without any injuries. They were also lucky that no traffic accidents occurred either. Wuitschick truly saved the lives of everyone on board through his sheer bravery. 

1. Brave Boy


Wuitschick is an incredibly brave young boy whose actions saved the lives of the bus driver and his fellow students. It is no wonder that he has been getting praised for his bravery and quick thinking!