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Style Guide from Tommy Hilfiger

From the person behind the vast collection of clean-cut sportswear, navy blazers, and preppy fashion lines, Tommy Hilfiger has the following suggestions for style:

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  1. If it doesn’t fit, it’s not fit to wear. The sophisticated look is achieved with precision tailoring.
  2. Don’t use too many patterns or colours. Keep it simple and well put together.
  3. Add your creativity. Become familiar with the basic rules, but after that, put in your creative style and twist.
  4. The minor details show the finesse of a wardrobe. The stitching and custom buttons must not be overlooked. It’s those small things that distinguish elegance from mediocrity.
  5. Combine an extravagant item with more practical apparels.
  6. Use accessories to perfect a look, not to cover a flaw. Too many accessories can be distracting, so be judicious.
  7. Know how your attire can help you achieve your style. Wear a double-breasted suit for a conservative look. For a more contemporary look, choose a single-breasted suit.
  8. Pick superior fabric. Invest in premium wool and cashmere.
  9. Wear clothes confidently.
  10. Don’t wear a style that isn’t you. Know your personality and dress to show off that personality. Your style must reflect who you are.