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Style Rules from Fashion Authority, Tom Ford

Texas-born, fashion guru Tom Ford shares the following rules for men’s fashion and style:

  1. To look slim, especially in the middle, button the suit. This streamlines your form and visually takes off 10kg from your midsection. Secure one button only, leave the top unbuttoned.
  2. Never wear shorts in the city. Shorts and flip-flops belong on the beach or tennis court.
  3. Know your style. Although you can vary what you wear depending on your comfort, your basic style should come out across different suits, colours, and materials.
  4. Relax at home and be comfortable with shirts and shorts.
  5. A tried and tested way to cut a man’s suit is to follow the classic form: strong broad shoulders, form-fitting waist, and long legs. Simple lines for a man work every time.
  6. Keep the length of the suit male, meaning long enough to cover a man’s buttocks. Short jackets and suits have become the trend, and it’s suggestive of female styled suits that show their curvy back.
  7. Check for the hygiene of your ears, eyes, and hair. Flick away dandruff, excess hair, or any particles off the suit. Refresh the eyes with cucumber, ice, or eye drops at night.
  8. Stand straight, put your best foot forward, and be confident.

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Ford not only styles and designs, he also writes and directs films. He was the co-writer and director of A Single Man, a film multi-nominated for Oscars. No wonder the man has depth.