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Superman Workout: Build Your Back Like the Man of Steel

This is the training regimen to follow for our Superman Workout Routine. Build muscle like the Man of Steel with this routine that will increase muscle mass and bolster strength.

When it comes to having a powerful physique, many recognize a broad back as a symbol of serious strength. In fact, having a broad back was the focus of Bane in the Dark Knight Rises. Therefore, it should go without saying that when you are building the physique of arguably the strongest superhero, having a strong back is crucial.

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The Superman Workout recognizes the significance of having a broad back and the exercises below were specifically selected to target different areas of the back while promoting muscle growth and strength building. In our opinion, this is going to be one of the more challenging workout days, but it will also yield the most recognizable results. From feeling different muscles in your back to realizing that you need to pile on extra weight, these exercises for the back phase of the Superman Workout will really bring out your inner Man of Steel. Be very careful when working out your back. We’ve all been there where the right song comes on or the guy training next to you is hauling too much weight like a jerk – do not get infected by the desire to overexert yourself.

superman workout laying

This routine is definitely going to be challenging and you are going to want to pile on weight. Pushing yourself too hard will result in injury and setbacks that you don’t need. Be patient and stay focused on quality reps and results. If you have any questions about exercises used in this routine or just want to let us know how it is working for you, please be sure to shoot us a note on Facebook or Twitter.

When it comes to the Superman Workout, and all routines, be sure to complement your training with a balanced diet and solid nutrition to get the most out of each workout. Unhealthy snacks and foolish diet choices should be thought of as kryptonite. In this case, we recommend that you take a look at some of the principles that Henry Cavill followed to get in shape for the role of Clark Kent/Superman in the Man of Steel movie, which can be seen in our introduction to the Superman Workout.

The exercises for this routine are listed below. We kept it as short and sweet as possible, just make sure that you perform each move with weight that allows you to train with proper form. If reps are getting too hard to finish or you find yourself cheating, then reduce the weight to something more manageable.

Superman Workout: The Back Routine


Why: Superman’s strength is the core of his powers. Deadlifts increase strength and hit a variety of muscles to increase your overall power. To get a back like Cavill’s, deadlifts are important.

5 sets | 8 reps | 90 seconds rest


Why: It is the ultimate back builder.

4 sets | reps to failure | 60 seconds rest

T-Bar Rows

Why: Another mass building back movement.

5 sets | 8 reps | 90 seconds rest

Close Grip Pull Downs

Why: Great back exercise for focusing on thickness and width.

4 sets | 8 reps | 45 seconds rest