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Man of Steel Workout: Henry Cavill

Looking to get muscular like Henry Cavill did with his Man of Steel workout for his role as Superman? You’ve come to the right place. Henry Cavill is playing the new Superman in Man of Steel – a film that has an anticipated release date sometime in 2013. Considering the immense strength and larger than life personality of Superman – what makes Henry Cavill the man for the job? Well, he got shredded to pieces for the lead in Immortals and played the role of Charles Brandon on the TV Series, The Tudors. Adding to his credentials is the fact that he was up for consideration to be the lead role Batman Begins, Casino Royale and Superman Returns – all characters that required being jacked up and carry a strong presence.

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Man of Steel Workout: Superman Training

According to Men’s Health: after Cavill finished up with Immortals, he began his training for Man of Steel as Superman. His trainer and fitness consultant was Mark Twight of Gym Jones in Salt Lake City. Apparently the program was based around a two-part, 100-rep routine that Twight calls the “tailpipe” that focuses on training and recovery. The training beats you up, then the “tailpipe” recovery aspect requires you to take eight (8) deep, controlled breathes after completing an exercise.

Men’s Health’s recommendations for a Superman style workout is performing 25 reps of Goblets Squats, Kettlebell Swings, Squat Thrusts and Jumping Jacks. (100 reps) For the recovery aspect, use the “tailpipe” (mentioned above) method in between each exercise.

Man of Steel Workout: Feeding Superman

In an interview with Total Film Magazine, Cavill told the mag he’d been eating nearly 5,000 calories, training over 2 hours and plowing protein to pack on the muscle mass to get Superman Status. Just to clarify, these are per day numbers. Based on his physique, you can bet a meteor rock on the fact that lean protein sources and high fats (avocado, mixed nuts) were two huge parts of this diet.

Get Your Own Man of Steel Body

When it comes to Superman’s heroic physique, what stands out the most with the Man of Steel is:

  1. Big broad shoulders
  2. A wide back
  3. A chiseled/full chest

The Man of Steel Workout Routine

Here’s a four day routine to get there in no time. Follow the training protocol of one day on, one day off – continuing to alternate. In other words, if you’re doing day one today – tomorrow would be an off day where you rest and recover (which means get a lot of sleep). The day after, you get back to work.

This workout can be used to complement your existing workout plan (just perform these workouts for each respective body part in place of your existing routine). We highly recommend that after performing your workout for each of these, finish strong with freestyle intervals.

This is an open part of the training to perform exercises at high intensities, low intensities and medium intensities. You can run on the treadmill/elliptical, swim, hit the heavy bag, etc. 15-30 minutes depending on your fitness level.

Check out each phase of the workout by clicking on the links below and feel free to check out some photos of Henry Cavill on set for Man of Steel showing off the body that he got thanks to his Superman workout routine. Follow ours and you’ll be just as jacked (if not, more).

Get Super Shoulders

superman workout shoulders

Get a Spine of Steel

superman workout back

Put an “S” On Your Chest

superman workout chest