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Supplements: A Guide for Men

Supplements: A Guide for Men

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When it comes to supplements for men, there seems to be too much information and not enough regulation. Together, this can cause a lot of confusion which is the last thing you need if you are trying to make a change for the better in terms of health.

Before we dive deeply into anything, it should be known that everyone’s body is different. We respond differently to different climates, foods, emotions, and supplements. Therefore, while we all may experience different results at times, science is just science. Scientifically,  funnel cake will not help you pack on muscle.

The Dirty Secrets Behind Supplement Reviews

Taking supplements can be risky enough with so many unregulated blends being introduced every month, for this reason we like to stick to the 100% natural variety whenever we can. To make things even worse, there is a lot of fraud in the marketplace when it comes to supplement reviews.

When looking to try a new supplement, always look for what is best for your goals and don’t have somebody sell you on something that they can make a quick buck on. You only have one liver and you are working your *** off to get results – you don’t need some greedy **** derailing your progress

Tactics Used to Manipulate Reviews & Recommendations

Buying Recommendations: Top magazines and websites will write stellar reviews for supplements and will highly recommend them. Look a little deeper and you’ll find that this supplement brand happens to also have several sponsorships with that magazine or site.

On the flip side, less established brands (much like us) will recommend something for you while linking to a place to buy it. This is through a relationship with a vendor who will give us a cut of sales that we help drive. In other words, if a site is telling you that you must take Onnit supplements and you have to buy from Muscle & Strength’s supplement store, it is because they are getting a piece of the pie.

Buying Influence: Are you a big fan of an MMA fighter or even an accredited source like Jim Stoppani? When reading an interview or a story from these guys, you’ll notice their constant name drops of supplements you need to take to get results. This is because they have to recommend a sponsor and are paid to do so.

Buying Sales: If you’ve ever walked into GNC and have had a sales person very aggressively pushing the “best supplement” to you, then you’ve experienced this. Some supplement brands will offer GNC a larger cut of profits to help drive sales. The same can be said of’s “featured products” from time to time.

Full Hearts, Clear Eyes

The tactics mentioned above are a few that people use to make lots of money at the expense of your goals. While it sounds filthy, we do have faith that these sources and others do give you products and advice to help you. We just despise the fact that they can be bought, bullied, reasoned, and negotiated with by the supplement companies.

Personally, we went the affiliate route because we can then hand-pick companies that we approve of and products that we like and would recommend. On the flip side, some sites out there will work with anybody and everybody to try to make anything that they can.

That being said, we are going to start posting supplement reviews on our site that will include common critiques and reviews from users on,, and other sites where we trust the users & communities. We are going to include links to (where we are an affiliate) in case you choose to buy it. If you buy it within 24 hours, we will get a cut of the sale (at no additional expense to you).

We encourage you to give us your two cents and feel free to ask any questions you may have about supplements. There are a lot of beginners looking to get in great shape – instead of them getting taken advantage of, let’s share our knowledge and help everyone get stronger and smarter. This way, when we’re attacked by zombies in a few years, we’ll be jacked and ready to kick some ***.

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