Perspiration is good for the body because the function of sweat is to cool down the body and maintain a normal body temperature. Lack of perspiration means that you may be dehydrated and your body is lacking the important electrolytes.

Too Much is a Problem

However, there are some men who perspire too much and at times, it can be very embarrassing. If you are the type who perspires heavily, you can be perceived by others as someone who lacks the proper hygiene. In addition to that, you may find it more difficult to wear clothes that are in style, especially the colored ones, because perspiration becomes more prominent with these colorful clothes.

How to Sweat Less

Reducing the amount of perspiration is part of grooming so here are some tips that could help you lessen the amount of sweat you excrete:

Reduce stress

Stress is a big factor on why you may be perspiring too much. If you are stressed, the tendency is you over-work your body, thus your sweat glands become more active. But we all know that stress is part of everyday living and one of the ways to combat stress is by breathing properly. So take time off from your busy schedule and devote five minutes every now and then and practice inhaling through your lungs, holding your breath for few seconds, and then exhaling. Do these breathing techniques regularly and you will find yourself in a relaxed state.


You may not be aware of it, but your diet may play a big factor on why you sweat heavily. First, consume less animal fat because this is very hard to digest, therefore your body works harder to process animal fat. The harder your body works, the more active your glands become.

Second, reduce your consumption of caffeine. You may be drinking too many cups of coffee or tea, and these lead you to perspire more. Third, you may be lacking in vitamin b-complex. You need to eat more grains, green leafy vegetables, avocado, carrots, and almonds. All of those foods are very rich in vitamin b-complex. Fourth, you need to drink more water. Water cools down body temperature. If you have a lower body temperature, you will not perspire as much.


Choose the fabrics of the clothes you are going to wear very well. As much as possible, choose lightweight and breathable cotton materials. Dri-fit shirts are also perfect for you. When it comes to choosing colors, veer away from the colorful ones, and stick to the classic colors of black and white.


You can also try using baby powder because it is great for absorbing sweat. There are also cornstarch body powders available in the market and great for absorption, too.

Sage Tea

This is very effective in making your sweat glands work less harder. You just need to buy fresh sage leaves from the market, boil it with water and allow it to steep for few minutes. Drink at least two cups every day.

These tips can help you combat too much perspiration like a gentleman.