A recently conducted research study found that a break from any given activity may actually boost employee productivity.

The research team of Professor Vivien Lim of NUS Business School conducted a study with 96 subjects, all students of National University of Singapore (NUS). The subjects were divided into three groups, and participants were assigned to perform repetitive activities for 30 minutes. The participants in the first group were allowed a 10 minute break. The second group had to continue working. The third group was allowed to surf the internet.

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The study found that those who continued working without a break were the least productive. The most productive were those who were allowed to surf the internet. They were 16% more productive than the first group, which took a break away from their desks, and 36% more productive than the second group, which did not have a break at all. It also showed that the best results were shown when surfing was done on Monday mornings.

These findings go directly against office norms and may require more research before companies will even recognize them. If you have the liberty to spurt your day with a productivity boost, squeeze in some Googling breaks between long hours. It might just be the trick you need.