There’s a great story behind every great photograph. It’s about capturing the moment and making it appear as alive as possible. If it’s your job to take pictures of your loved ones, try to capture the experience of the moment. Experts even advise novice photographers to take candid photos in order to capture the emotions and feelings of the moment. That way, there are more stories to be told rather than taking pictures with poses.

Be a keen observer and always be ready with your camera to take timeless shots. For posed photos, here are some tips.

Picture Focus

Take the background into consideration. You don’t only have to focus on your subjects, you can also include the view (background). Bring life into the picture by moving your subject away from the middle. This way, there are more stories to be told in a single shot.

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Avoid Harsh Shadows

You can use soft lighting in order to prevent harsh facial shadows. If your camera has the option of several flash modes, you can select fill-flash on sunny days. This flash even works well in bright light, but it’ll fill the shadows on the subjects, creating softer pictures.

There’s nothing like using natural light when taking a picture. You’ll learn that the best shots are actually taken during overcast or cloudy days. This is because the light has a softer effect on the faces of picture subjects. On sunny days, the tendency is to squint, and subjects appear whitish. For indoor shots, you can use the flash for softer and glowing images.

Get Close

If the background isn’t as exciting as you hoped it would be, try to get close to your subjects for more impact. When taking close-up pictures, you’re trying to capture the present emotion of your subject. It’s important though, to make your subjects feel relaxed. Not everyone is comfortable in front of the camera, more so if being pictured up-close. So, make it fun by asking your subjects to pose in a very comfortable place.

Taking pictures is a lot of fun, so if you’re asked to be the official photographer, take control of the situation and be the director. It’s your task to look for beautiful places and decide how your subjects will pose in front of the camera. You also direct them in how to group themselves for a better angle. The shots that you will take should be timeless, so you might as well take the best shot.