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Teenager Sent Home From School Because Of Her Wardrobe Choice, Dad Has Something To Say About It

Teenager Sent Home From School Because Of Her Wardrobe Choice, Dad Has Something To Say About It

There is nothing more nerve-racking than being called into the principal’s office. There’s always that moment of dread when you wonder what you’re getting called in for and if it’ll go on your permanent record. However, when this young girl got called into the office because of her choice of wardrobe, her father who was alerted to the situation was incredibly frustrated but not at who you might think.

20. Embarrassing Situation


As a teenager, there is nothing more embarrassing than someone calling unnecessary attention to your wardrobe. Teenage years are terribly awkward and having someone else point out something wrong with what you’re wearing can only make it that much worse. However in this case, instead of her peers calling her out, an adult called out young Demetra.

19. Hot Day

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13-year-old Demetra Alarcon headed off to school at the end of August when the temperature was absolutely blazing in San Francisco. The teenager showed up in a blue romper as she tried to stay cool during the hot weather. Her principal, however, did not find the outfit to be appropriate.

18. Distraction


Although Demetra was only wearing a romper, the school stated that what she was wearing was inappropriate according to the school dress code. They told her that her outfit was distracting to boys in the school and they immediately called her father in to explain the situation to him. Demetra was mortified…

17. Pulled Out Of Class


On that day the temperature outside was a high 90 ⁰F so she wanted to stay cool in a romper. However, a teacher quickly pulled her aside and took her out of class because the garment was ‘too short.’ They then phoned her father who brought a change of clothes with him when he arrived at the office.

16. Angry Father

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Her father was immediately frustrated by the situation and did not think that his daughter’s outfit was inappropriate. He mentioned that the weather was scorching hot and his daughter wanted to stay cool. Still, he brought his daughter a change of clothes that the school still wasn’t satisfied with.

15. Dad’s Thoughts

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I brought her a change of clothing which included a tank top with spaghetti straps and shorts,” said Alarcon. The school was not happy with this outfit either and stated that it was in violation of the school’s dress code as well. This, however, was not the first time Demetra was pulled aside for a dress code violation.

14. Strict Rules

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Demetra mentioned that this was not the first time the school made her feel uncomfortable about her outfit choices. “When I got dress coded one time… they said my bra strap was showing,” she told the San Jose Mercury News. “Lord forbid I might be wearing a bra.”

13. Questioning

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Demetra’s father, Tony Alarcon immediately questioned the school’s dress code when the change of clothes he brought was not an acceptable choice. “I asked Demetra to bend over and touch her toes, right in front of the administrator,” he told Today. “And I said, ‘Nothing is hanging out. There’s nothing inappropriate. I don’t understand this dress code rule.’”

12. Still A Problem


The school official still maintained that the new change of clothes were still an inappropriate look and would be distracting to the other students. Tony then explained, “[The school official] said the clothes were distracting to boys.” Tony then had to give his daughter another new outfit.

11. Leggings

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Tony just so happened to have a pair of leggings in his car that he brought in for his daughter. However, it was such a hot day out that Tony felt it was unreasonable for her to have to wear them. “I mean, today it’s 90 degrees outside and she’s wearing leggings because she doesn’t want to be dress coded for wearing shorts,” Tony said.

10. Frustrated


Fisher has a dress code policy which is clothing specific. Most of the clothing mentioned are women’s clothing like halter tops spaghetti straps,” said Alarcon.

Tony Alarcon was pretty frustrated with the entire situation and decided that he needed some other opinions. So he went online and sought out advice from those he trusted.

9. NextDoor.com


Tony decided to seek out advice from neighbors on NextDoor.com. He wanted to see if he was right to be angry at the dress code and whether he had a legitimate argument. Suddenly his inbox was filled with dozens of messages from others that completely supported his claim.

8. Fair Dress Codes


We have to have dress codes that are fair and reasonable and that don’t cause them emotional issues; cause them to question their bodies or feel like they’re *** symbols at 13 years old,” said Alarcon. “Because they’re not. They’re just kids.”

7. Double Standards

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Demetra seconded her father’s train of thought by citing the double standard that was present at the school. She felt that the dress code purposely targeted girls and rarely found fault with boys. “They don’t write you up for hats,” she said. “I know one guy who wore a hat to class every day last year, and he was never written up.”

6. Responses


One woman responded to Tony’s post with the following message: “Your post has reminded me of some fairly serious body image issues of my own that have stemmed from our cultural shaming and sexualizing of girls’ bodies.”

5. Testing the Rules


Tony has set out to change the dress code rules at the school. He wants to make sure that his daughter and other girls don’t have to feel embarrassed or ashamed about the way they look or are dressed. “You have to stand up for what’s right and that’s what I’m doing,” explained Alarcon.

4. Principal’s Word

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The school principal, Lisa Fraser, has spoken out about the entire situation and greatly defends the school’s dress code. She has stated that it is a time-honored tradition and in place for good reason. “There has always been a dress code,” she said. “These are standards for reasonable decorum.”

3. In Agreement

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Tony agrees with the principal that there should be a dress code in place, however, he does not agree with how stringent the rules are especially towards the girls. “The dress code should require clothes to cover body parts – nothing should be hanging out – I agree 100 percent,” he said. “But wearing spaghetti straps and tank tops does not make them disrespectful or appropriate.”

2. Superintendent

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The Los Gatos Union School District Superintendent Diana G. Abbati refused to speak to reporters but did release a statement about the situation. “Students are expected to wear clothes that are suitable for the school activities in which they participate,” the statement read in part.

1. Meeting

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The school held a meeting to discuss changing the rules, however, no changes were actually made. Tony is disappointed about the outcome but continues to support his daughter’s clothing choices and will continue to stand by her side.