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The Green Foods For Men Diet


What may seem at first glance as a book describing the 50 best green foods to consume, is actually more useful than just a simple list. The Green Foods for Men diet was created by former vice president and editor in chief of Men’s Fitness and former editor in chief of Maximum Fitness, Michael De Medeiros, along with former president of Chicago Food and Nutrition Network, Jenny Westerkamp, R.D. While it does list 50 green superfoods, it also provides short motivational paragraphs explaining why you should eat each particular food. Cleverly, that includes letting you know which ones improve your sex life, because men are always motivated by sex, as well as muscle growth, hair growth, fat loss, better health, hangover cures and more. Many of the foods come with easy recipes and “easy add-ons to your diet” and of course, the nutritional information, which for green foods means low calories, fats and sugars. Overall, the book is targeted at men and spends the beginning discussing the history of men avoiding green foods, but it can easily work for women as well.


The book includes three diet plans – three days, seven days and thirty days. Giving you the option to dip your feet in slowly certainly makes the diet more accessible. All of the easy recipes and ways to add the vegetables to your everyday diet are also great devices to make getting into the diet a smoother transition. The diet goals are realistic and simple enough for anyone to follow. The book also acts as an excellent reference tool you can keep using even after you have finished the 30-day plan. The book is useful and easy to follow. The physical and health benefits are also undoubtedly effective. There aren’t cons for eating vegetables and the diet does not suggest any straining or risky regimens, making it that much more effective for an even wider audience. Your body will definitely love you if you follow this diet and you will certainly feel different. Eating healthy in general lifts your mood and gives you more energy, but following this diet tells you how you can get even more!