Want to try a diet unlike most any other? The Harcombe diet fits the bill. Many diets are all about the calorie count and how much you’re taking in. This diet is an alternative to calorie counting proving that theory wrong. It focuses on what types of food you eat and in what combination, rather than how much you are eating. It promotes eating natural foods as opposed to processed foods. It’s not considered a weight loss strategy, but more of a diet plan.

The Harcombe diet was established by Zoe Harcombe, a student at Cambridge University. It took her nearly 20 years of research to prove the calorie count theory wrong, questioning why she couldn’t enjoy the foods she loved and still be slim.

It includes three different phases that you must participate in to see a difference and get the sense of what this diet plan is about. Phase one is the produces the quickest part of the weight loss. It lasts up to five days. In this phase you can have unlimited meat, eggs, fish, vegetables, yogurt, herbs, spices and one portion of grains daily. Phase two is for as long as you need to lose weight and this includes fruits, dairy products, baked potatoes and whole grains that are re-introduced. Phase three is the lifelong weight maintenance plan where you learn how to cheat and keep the weight off.

This is just an overview of what the Harcombe diet has to offer. With this diet you have to purchase one of the six books that best suit you in order to keep up with the diet plan and the foods you are allowed to eat. These books are: “Stop Counting Calories and Start Losing Weight,” “Why Do You Overeat?” “The Recipe Book,” “The Harcombe Diet for Men,” ” The Obesity Epidemic” and “Lunchbox Recipes.” All of them are written by Zoe Harcombe and give the reader instructions and recipes for daily consumption.

The price starts off at a reasonable $8. Of course, you’ll have to buy your own foods and materials for some of the recipes. Your portions will remain relatively normal except maybe during phase one which is the detoxing phase to get the plan going.

Although the website doesn’t include as much detail of what the diet plan consists of, there is plenty of research in the development of the diet. It’s an original and fresh idea for those that may find cutting out their favorite foods difficult.