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The Healthiest Alcoholic Drinks


You already know that alcohol is only safe in moderation, and that when drank in small amounts can sometimes even have health benefits. But that does not mean that every alcoholic drink out there is going to be good for your health or your summer body. If you’re going to imbibe you might as well keep it as healthy as possible, and here are some good options to choose from.

Liquor On the Rocks

If liquor is your drink of choice, drinking it on the rocks is going to be a healthier choice than in a cocktail for a few reasons. For one thing, most mixers are full of sugar and excess calories that can make out a night out on the town comparable to binging on fast food.

For another thing, when you are drinking straight whiskey for example you are probably less likely to chug it down than you would if you were drinking a sugary vodka cocktail that was bascially disguising the taste of alcohol altogether. Drinking less means feeling better and consuming fewer calories.


Wine not only has heart healthy benefits from its antioxidant content, but it is also relatively low in calories. The nice thing about wine (besides how classy you look drinking it), is that there are endless types to try and it can be very delicious even when it’s pretty high in alcohol content. Some studies have even found that wine might be able to help you lose weight if you have a glass instead of desert.


Here is something to consider about beer when you’re choosing between options. Beer does tend to be pretty high in calories as well as carbs, but since it can have some health benefits you don’t have to rule it out in moderation. Light beers are significantly lower in calories than other beers, but it’s also because part of that lightness is just accomplished by removing some of the alcohol.

So if your plan is to get a buzz it might not even make sense to go the light route because you could end up drinking more. But if you are sticking with a certain amount no matter what or just enjoy sipping on one regardless of the alcohol content, go with light.

Guinness and stouts on the other hand are not light, but they often get that darkness from whole grains which can give them some health benefits. When compared to lager you are going to get more vitamins and fiber, and stout in particular has antioxidants that might even be as good as the ones in wine.