New details have been released from a credible source regarding Tom Hardy’s body transformation upon taking the role of Bane in the Dark Knight Rises. His very specific routine has been very low-key and our assumption is that the specifics will be announced through an exclusive publication closer to the release of the actual film.

The Truth Behind the Physique of Bane

What we do know is that he is not as big as we thought he’d be. We have been sent numerous pictures from the set where he actually looks smaller than he did for his role of an MMA fighter in “The Warrior.” Interestingly enough, they can make him look much more built by using CGI. This notion was also addressed in an interview with Tom Hardy.

When it comes down to it, Hardy looks small in comparison to Christian Bale (Batman) – let alone the larger than life build of the villain, Bane. We are all-in betting that they will doctor his physique with some very impressive CGI. While this notion does annoy us a bit, we do recognize that it would be nearly impossible to actually replicate the size of Bane from the comic books (parallel to the physique of the Incredible Hulk – who was also CGI). Not only that, we trust in Christopher Nolan.

Given that this is a fitness site, let’s stay focused on Tom Hardy’s training regimen. Interestingly enough, rumor has it that there wasn’t one. In fact, the theories of most experts tend to divide into two paths. Either the plans since pre-production were to have the physique be though CGI, so he didn’t undergo a massive transformation like he did for The Warrior or Hardy attempted a cycle of steroids and failed – explaining the excess of acne breaking out on his back (a common side effect). These are the two theories (not ours) that are floating around the web-based off of video interviews with Hardy and analysis of pictures of Hardy on set. As more true and official details reveal closer to the release of the film, we’ll be sure to share the knowledge with you.

Nonetheless, Hardy was actually much smaller than many have expected to take on the role. Still, you can count on Bane being bigger for the movie with strategic use of CGI which Director Christopher Nolan is a wizard with.

Update: There is an updated and more recent article on Tom Hardy’s physique for the role as Bane.