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There’s A Good Reason Why The Gorilla Didn’t Attack Her

There’s A Good Reason Why The Gorilla Didn’t Attack Her

Damian Aspinall received a lot of criticism for letting his baby daughter named Tansy play with gorillas. However, Damian didn’t care about what people thought and he showed his daughter that not all wild animals are to be feared. Little did Damian know, the two gorillas that Tansy played with would recognize him and his daughter 25 years later!

20. Baby Tansy

As we can clearly see, the 300 lb gorilla is carefully holding little Tansy in her arms. The gorilla realizes that Tansy is a baby and she is super gentle with her. Although, Tansy’s father received a lot of criticism because of this…

19. Controversial Photos

Even though the photos with baby Tansy and the gorillas are amazing, they managed to spark some controversy which affected Damian’s reputation as an animal handler. Everyone who saw the photos thought that little Tansy was in danger, but they couldn’t be farther away from the truth.

18. Gentle Gorilla

Despite weighing more than 300 lb, the two gorillas that Damian cared for were gentle around the baby. The two wild animals didn’t mean any harm to the baby, but this didn’t stop people from talking about the pictures of Tansy being held by a gorilla. On the other hand, this is exactly what Damian wanted and you will never guess why.

17. Friendly Animals

Damian wanted to show to the entire world that gorillas can be friendly too! Most people picture them as mean and angry animals but this is not the case with all of them. Nonetheless, these gorillas were being held captive at the Howletts Zoo that is owned by Damian himself. Let’s see what they were doing there.

16. Howletts Zoo

Damian didn’t hold the gorillas in the zoo to attract visitors. The reason why he took them in was that they needed medical help and he was the only one who could provide it in their local area. What do you think happened when the two gorillas got healthy?

15. Missing The Jungle

Even though Damian was providing them with healthy food and a safe environment, the gorillas still missed the jungle. Keep reading to see what the two gorillas wanted the most.

14. Families

The two gorillas were living a good life at Damian’s zoo, but they wanted to make their own families in the wild. Although, who could blame them for not wanting to remain captive in a zoo? What happened next is amazing!

13. Freeing The Two Gorillas

Damian didn’t waste any time and as soon as the two gorillas got healthy, he released them to a special nature park where they could roam around as long as they wanted. You won’t believe how quickly the two animals adjusted to their new environment!

12. Making New Friends

It didn’t take long for the two gorillas to make new friends and start families. Damian says that this was amazing to see and he was glad that he helped them. However, 23 years passed since then and Damian decided to pay them a visit. Will they remember him?

11. Tansy Grows Up

23 years passed since the two gorillas left the zoo and Tansy was all grown up now. However, the girl never forgot how she took care of the gorillas as she was growing up and she wanted to pay them a visit. Do you think her father agreed to this?

10. Her Father’s Idea!

Her father didn’t only agree to Tansy meeting the two gorillas, but he was the one who actually came up with the idea in the first place. Keep reading to find out why Damian was so keen to reunite his daughter with the two gorillas.

9. Interesting Study

Damian Aspinall wanted to find out if the two gorillas would recognize him and his daughter after 23 years passed. This was a risky experiment because most animals tend to forget about people they met over two decades ago. Let’s see how the gorillas reacted to Damian and Tansy’s arrival!

8. Something Is Going On

The two gorillas started acting strangely as soon as they saw the boat coming their way. It was like they knew something weird was going on. What happened next will make your jaw drop!

7. They Recognize Damian!

The wild animals instantly recognized Damian and went over to him. The man started petting them and he was astonished by this. On the other hand, Tansy wasn’t sure if she should get out the boat or not…

6. Getting Off

Tansy was a little bit afraid that the two gorillas might not recognize her and that this might break her heart. This is why she hesitated to get off the boat. Do you think she eventually got the courage to head over to the gorillas?

5. Brave Girl

Despite being a little shy at first, Tansy got off the boat and headed towards her father. You will be amazed at what the gorillas did when they saw her.

4. Familiar Face

As Tansy was slowly approaching the gorillas, one of them rushed towards her. The gorilla recognized Tansy, but the animal just couldn’t tell where it knew Tansy from. Everything changed when the girl started speaking!

3. They Recognize Her Voice

Tansy started speaking to the gorilla and the animal recognized her voice. Not knowing what to do, the gorilla dropped her head on Tansy’s lap. Check out the next picture to see this wonderful moment.

2. Emotional Moment

This is an emotional moment and Tansy is holding back her tears. However, what really matters is that the gorilla remembered who she was even after being separated for 23 years.

1.Big Hug

What better way to end this incredible story other than with a big hug? Nonetheless, what did you think of Tansy’s incredible reunion with her gorilla friends?