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The Things That Really Matter in a Health Club Business

To establish and sustain a well-respected business in the fitness and health industry, you have to start with the basics. Brian Cannone, Health Club Chain Director of Operations, lists the essentials that will keep you on top of the competition.


It’s not just what the customers see or use. Air vents, supplies and stocks room, baseboards, and other places hidden from view must be hygienic and orderly. Customers may not have access to them, but insects will. One stray cockroach is all you need to start losing customers’ business.


Employees must make the connection as they usher customers in, meet them in the hallway, provide the service needed, and tell them to have a great day as they leave. A friendly corporate culture makes customers want your business over the others.

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What sets you apart from the rest of health clubs? It is that quality that gives you competitive advantage – you have it, others don’t. Make sure that customers experience that feature of your club 100% of the time.

Keep Inventory

Do an inventory of all the things you and your employees do every day to run the business. This covers the tasks of every person in the company, from vacuuming of floors to assisting clients.


Evaluate every item and ask the following questions:

  • Does it contribute to the delivery of the product and service? If a task does not contribute to the business then there’s no reason to continue doing it (let alone spending money on it).
  • Is it done in the most efficient manner? If not, what are proven ways of doing or improving it? Read about best practices and study how you can customize it to your situation.


Inspect all corners, rooms, and equipment. Everything must be squeaky-clean. Put premium on cleanliness because it is basic to the sophisticated and top-notch quality you’re trying to project.

Change Perspectives

Observe from the clients’ perspective. Approach your health club with a fresh eye, like you’ve never been there before. What is it like walking through the door? What is the first thing you see, hear, or feel? Mind everything – how the air smells from the door, how employees usher a client in, what procedures clients go through, and how long the wait is.

Level Up

After perfecting the delivery of your services, outdo yourself. It should be an endless levelling up.

The bottom line for any business is to deliver what the client wants in the best manner and time possible.