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Thinnest Dog Ever Makes A Stunning Recovery

Thinnest Dog Ever Makes A Stunning Recovery

This is yet another story about an abandoned puppy that was left on the street, all alone, without food and water. Luckily, the RSPCA were at the right place at the right time to save the merely 6.5lbs dog from death. The whole story ends in the most unexpected way.

20. Abandoned

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Tens of thousands of pets are abandoned every single year. All kinds of animals are left alone on the street, starving and begging for help. All of this is happening because of the irresponsible owners. That fact leads us to William.

19. Meet William

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William is a normal greyhound mix that was found by the RSPCA on the street. Even though abandoned puppies are not a rare case, there was something shocking about William.

18. His Weight

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The poor animal weighted only 6.5lbs! That is the normal weight of a small kitten, and yet this medium sized dog weighted the same. But that’s not all.

17. Couldn’t Stand

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Due to his weight, William was not able to stand for a long period of time. “He was the thinnest dog I’ve ever met in my 10 years of experience”, said one of the rescuers.

16. Bones

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William was so thin, you could see every single bone in his body. The dog was on the brink of death and was immediately brought to the clinic.

15. Food

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The team was not able to make the dog eat for a few days. Because of his life experience, he was too scared to trust people. Thankfully, William started to eat and gained some weight.

14. Not Giving Up

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William didn’t give up easily on life. Even though he was at the death’s doorstep, he wanted to live and love again. Something amazing happened afterward…

13. Adopter

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One of the rescuers, Rachel Butler, said that the moment she met him, she immediately fell in love with him and that she has to do something about it. So she decided to adopt the beautiful creature!

12. Adopted

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Rachel waited for some time for William to gain some weight in order to adopt him, and so it happened! She brought him home! This is what she said about the first encounter with him.

11. A Lick

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“I went to meet him at the Coventry branch. I was so excited to meet him. He bounded up to me and gave me a little lick on the nose!” She said. William fell in love with her too! He even has a new friend!

10. New Friend

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Rachel with her husband-to-be Chris already had a 11-year-old West Highland terrier, that immediately became best friends with William!

9. Royalty

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“It’s a coincidence that these two dogs share the names of Prince Henry and Prince William”, Said Rachel. “They get treated like Royalty at home anyway” She added. But the story doesn’t end here!

8. Special

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Rachel’s and Chris’s wedding was coming by, and these two dog lovers had something very special for their two adorable pets.

7. Part of the Ceremony

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The lovely couple did not hesitate to involve the two pups at their wedding ceremony. Both the dogs were dressed ideally for the wedding and they even stole the show!

6. The Best Day Of Their Life

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Since the couple had the best day of their life, they made sure their dogs were at the same page! It was a loving day, but what happened with William’s previous owners?

5. Previous Owners

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William’s previous owners that almost starved him to death and abandoned him were found guilty of causing harm to an animal and are banned from adopting animals in the future. And that’s not all.

4. Prison

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They were also given a suspended prison sentence and had to do 35 hours of unpaid community service. Luckily for William, he survived the worst and is now in good hands!

3. The Change

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What William had to go through, no any other animal should. Even after everything, William is one adorable greyhound mix and now is with a loving and caring family!

2. Greyhound Mix

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William turned out to be a big, healthy dog that loves to play with his friend Henry. All of this happened because of the RSPCA team helping animals in need.

1. The Story So Far

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Rachel and Chris now have a beautiful home with two adorable creatures to fill them with love! It’s what every home needs! You can Adopt too!