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This Diver Has Been Visiting The Same Fish For 25 Years

This Diver Has Been Visiting The Same Fish For 25 Years

We all know that dogs are man’s best friend, but you’d be shocked to see that this fish breaks the stereotypes. A Japanese diver has been friends with a fish for 25 years and we’re not talking about your regular fish in the aquarium tank! It’s a very big fish that not only has been very friendly to the diver for so long, but it also recognizes the man and tags along in the water. Not impressed by now? Then wait and see what happens!

20. This is Not a Fairytale

Diving deep into the sea can teach people a lot of things about the animals or fish that live underwater. Many people do it on holidays and they even buy classes to go scuba diving. Add a Go-Pro camera and you’re also going to have the whole adventure filmed. This man has more than that!

19. The Animal Kingdom is Full of Surprises

Looking at how many animals there are on Earth, you’d think that fish are not the best idea when it comes to having a friend. Of course, you can look at them in an aquarium or while diving, but you can’t actually pet them

18. Not Your Typical Pet Fish

While you can’t say about fish that are cute or puffy and you don’t get much from petting them, a diver has created a lifetime friendship with a big fish he encountered 25 years ago! You won’t believe how they met…

17. Finding a New Buddy Underwater

Hiroyuki Arakawa was just 18 years old when he started to dive and he immediately fell in love with the sea. That’s how he would later discover an injured fish. That exact fish would become his best buddy for 25 years! But what kind of fish is that?

16. The Asian Sheepshead Wrasse

Hiroyuki saw a fish that looked quite unique. It was an Asian Sheepshead Wrasse and it needed some help. Hiroyuki nursed the fish until it was able to catch and eat by itself. As a reward, the fish never forgot the human’s kindness.

15. Fish Are Quite Smart – Scientists Said So!

Dr. Cait Newport from Oxford University stated in a CNN interview that fish can recognize human faces. Tests on fish showed that fish can recognize and differentiate humans by their facial features, having an accuracy of 86%. We’d say that in this case, it’s a 100% accuracy! 

14. Building a Shrine

Arakawa and his friends have built a shrine underwater at a distance of 56-feet. That is one of Arakawa’s favorite diving spots. The diver stated that the shrine is ‘your own world’. That exact shrine is where he met his friend fish.

13. How It All Began

One day as Arakawa was diving, he saw an exhausted fish that could no longer swim. The appearance of the fish was very strange and Arakawa was stunned by it – it looked very human! So, he decided to help the poor animal.

12.  Diving for 60 Years

Until now, Arakawa has been diving for 60 years. He said he’s very proud to have connected with the fish, as it requires a special trust. After getting fond of the fish, the diver decided to give it a name: Yuriko.

11. Caring for the Injured Fish

Every day after Arakawa found Yuriko, he dived down to give her five crabs. The fish would finally gain enough strength to get her own food. Even after getting better, Arakawa and Yuriko would meet regularly at the shrine. 

10. Providing Food for 10 Days

It took Arakawa ten days to help the fish back to health, but it didn’t end there. The diver and the fish became best friends and for the next 25 years, Yuriko would appear to greet Arakawa every time he dove to the shrine.

9. Yuriko, The Fish

Arakawa said that he’s not sure that this is something in the fish’s personality, but he thinks that Yuriko is fond of him ‘because there is a sense of trust between us.’ His next words will bring tears to your eyes.

8. ‘She Knows That I Saved Her’

‘I guess she knows that I saved her, that I helped her when she was badly injured,’ said the diver. We’re telling you if this doesn’t sound like a movie scene, then the man is definitely living the best life ever!

7. Proud to Have Such a Friend

Let’s face it, who wouldn’t be proud of this achievement? Arakawa said that ‘anyone can get an animal’s attention’ when food is involved. But he also touches and interacts with the fish: ‘for me to be able to do that, I am proud’.

6. Video Footage Shows the Odd Friendship

This amazing and very odd relationship became famous once the video of Arakawa and the fish got viral. And how wouldn’t it become a hit when people saw a man kissing a fish? Now that’s something not many can do!

5. People Were in Awe

Everyone watching the video was in awe. They saw Yuriko swimming around Arakawa and allowing him to touch her. She won’t do that near other divers, so their relationship is genuine.

4. A Familiar Face

It’s a great feeling to know that a good deed has been appreciated and that even a fish remembers her benefactor’s face. Hiroyuki stated that his heart is filled with ‘an amazing sense of accomplishment’.

3. Hiroyuki Is the Only Man Yuriko Gets Close To

Reaching the age of 79, Hiroyuki Arakawa is proud to have made an odd friend and still pays regular visits to the shrine where he meets Yoriko, who’s in good health even after all these years! And, as always, the fish comes by to say hi only to him.

2. A Great Story to Tell Your Grand-Grandchildren!

This amazing story is worth telling your grand-grandchildren and we wouldn’t be too surprised to hear that a movie’s in the making with the friendship between a man and a fish.

1. A Kind Gesture Forming This Unlikely and Long Lasting Friendship

Japan’s Tateyama Bay sounds like a piece of heaven for the old diver. We wish him a lot of strength and health to meet his best friend years to come!