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This Raccoon Was Touching Every Dog In The Clinic, Wait Until You See Why

This Raccoon Was Touching Every Dog In The Clinic, Wait Until You See Why

Our story starts when a Russian veterinary doctor named Aleksei Krotov spotted a sickly raccoon near his backyard. The man loved animals hence his job as a vet, and he needed to do something about the poor raccoon. Without giving any second thought, Aleksei adopted the raccoon and what happened in the days that followed left the veterinary in awe!

20. Yasha And Aleksei

This picture shows us Aleksei Krotov and Yasha in the doctor’s veterinary cabinet. Isn’t Yasha just the cutest raccoon ever? Nonetheless, let’s see how faith brought Yasha and Aleksei together.

19. Unexpected Surprise

The doctor was going out for a walk behind his house and to his surprise, an animal was moving in the snow. Even though that animal could’ve been dangerous, curiosity got the best of Aleksei.

18. Aleksei Saves Yasha

The animal that Aleksei spotted in his backyard was Yasha. The poor raccoon was freezing and he had nothing to eat. Seeing this, Aleksei decided that he needs to do everything in his power and save Yasha!

17. Special Skill

Aleksei adopted Yasha and he started taking the little raccoon with him to work. This is how the man found out that Yasha has a special skill that’s going to prove useful in his line of work! What could this skill be?

16. Curious Fella

Aleksei didn’t have where to leave Yasha while he was going to work and he decided to take the small animal with him. Seeing Yasha playing around the cabinet was cute, but everything changed when a sick dog was brought in. You won’t believe what Yasha did to the dog!!

15. Friendly Racoon

To everyone’s surprise, Yasha didn’t get scared when a sick dog entered the cabinet. Instead of cowering away, Yasha got closer to the dog and started playing with him. Things get even crazier than this because the dog was staying calm as long as Yasha was playing with him. Can you believe this?

14. Social Skills

For some unknown reason, this little raccoon has amazing social skills and he helps Aleksei relax sick animals. Seeing this, Aleksei decided to something truly amazing. Keep reading to find out what the man did!

13. An Official Employee

Aleksei loved the fact that Yasha played with all his animal patients and he decided to make him an official employee of the clinic. Isn’t this amazing? The next picture is going to bring a smile to your face.

12. People Love The Raccoon!

Aleksei says that one of the best things about having Yasha around is seeing how much joy he brings to people. Everyone who walks in the cabinet spends a little time playing with Yasha and this brings a smile to their faces.

11. Goofing Around

Another amazing thing about the cute raccoon is how playful he is. Aleksei says that Yasha is always climbing on stuff and exploring the cabinet. What’s coming next is even more hilarious than this picture! 

10. Local Celebrity

Seeing how cute this little fella is, no one should be surprised to find out that he became a local celebrity. What do you think Aleksei thinks about all the attention that his pet is receiving?

9. Taking Care Of Hurt Animals

Even though having tens of people coming to the clinic only to take pictures with Yasha can be quite annoying, Aleksei says that it’s all worth it because Yasha helps so many hurt animals in return. Yasha got so popular that a local news station came to see him!

8. TV Celebrity

So many people started talking and posting pictures about Yasha that a local news station came to make a short interview about the little raccoon. We can be sure that Aleksei never expected this to happen when he adopted Yasha.

7. Little Paws

Who would’ve guessed that these little raccoon paws would help so many animals in need? You will be amazed to see how cute the upcoming picture is!

6. Taking A Risk

Truth be told, adopting a baby raccoon is quite risky because these animals are not known for being domestic. Luckily, Aleksei took a risk and it all paid off because Yasha became his favorite helper!

5. Small Size, Big Heart!

Even though Yasha might be tiny in size, his heart is huge! Just think about how sad animals who go to the vet must be. Good thing Yasha is there to ease their pain and keep them company.

4. Long Whiskers

What’s amazing about this story is that it helps change people’s perspective about raccoons. I am sure that if you ask someone what they think about raccoons that person would tell you that they rummage through trash, but this is not the case with all of them!

3. Cute Animals

Even though raccoons are not domestic animals, no one can deny that how cute they are! Let’s hope people start being more open towards raccoons and get a better impression of them after seeing these amazing pictures of Yasha.

2. Making New Friends

Aleksei says that one of Yasha’s biggest attributes is how friendly he is! The raccoon instantly makes friends with everyone who steps into the clinic and he isn’t shy around humans at all!

1. Life Saver

While Yasha might be a cute and friendly animal, the best thing about him is that he is a life saver! Yasha helps his adoptive parent take care of hurt animals and this makes the doctor’s job easier. Nonetheless, what did you think of this little raccoon?