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This Strange Animal Was Disowned By His Mother, Then Made The Most Unlikely Best Friend

This Strange Animal Was Disowned By His Mother, Then Made The Most Unlikely Best Friend

Female animals are known for being ferocious when their babies are put in danger, but sometimes these animals reject their babies. There are many reasons why this happens. Most of the time the baby animal looks or smells different than its siblings. This is why people are advised to not take puppies or kittens from their mothers when they are born. 

This doesn’t happen only with cats and dogs — this issue spreads to wildlife as well. Today we are going to present the amazing story of a strange animal who was rejected by his mother, but got lucky and found a surrogate one. You won’t believe who it is!

20. Dale the Takin

This is Dale and he is a takin. To Dave’s misfortune, he doesn’t look like a traditional takin. It looks more like a mix between… a buffalo, goat and moose. This is why his mother rejected him. Luckily, Dave is going to get lucky and find love somewhere else.

19. National Treasure

Takins are a special breed of goat-antelope who are known to roam the Eastern Himalayas. These animals are renowned for their shaggy and white skin which makes them look unusual. As a fun fact, takins are considered national treasures around those parts. Nonetheless, Dale doesn’t look at all like a “normal” takin.

18. Cincinnati Zoo

The only thing that Dale had going on for him was that he was housed at the Cincinnati Zoo. This is a great place for wild animals because it provides them with suitable environments and protects them from harm’s way. You won’t believe how Dale’s mother acted when she first saw him…

17. To the Nursery

Dawn Strasser, who works at the Cincinnati Zoo’s nursery, said that Dale’s mother didn’t know what to do with him. Dawn was the one to bring him up to the nursery. Keep reading to see why experts believe that Dale was not wanted by his mother.

16. Not Able to Walk

The takin in the picture is Sally, she is Dale’s mom. Experts believe that the main reason she didn’t want to take care of Dale is that he couldn’t walk when he was born. This is really bad news for Dale, especially since he is a takin. In fact, he actually needs company. Check out why.

15. Herd Animal

Experts are saying that Dale is a herd animal and that he instinctively needs company. Not having a companion is a stressful thing for takins and they don’t take it well. The next picture of Dale will break your heart.

14. Single and Lonely

As we all can clearly see in this picture, Dale is not having a good time being alone. Fortunately, he had the nursery workers to help him grow and develop into an adult takin. However, something else was happening at the Cincinnati Zoo while Dale was getting bigger. He was going to get a new friend — read on to see who it was!

13. Blakely

This dog is called Blakely. She is an Australian Shepard dog who ended up at the Zoo after being sent away from her local rescue shelter. The interesting thing about Blakely is that she had a reputation for being quite the companion and for loving to spend time with other animals. Check out what the Zoo’s employees have to say about Blakely. Most importantly, what is her role in our story?

13. The Best Employee Ever

The folks who work at the Zoo are saying that they always need extra staff and that Blakely is their best employee ever. Blakely is basically an animal caretaker and her biggest priority is to take care of other animals. Blakely is very brave as you will see in the next picture.

12. Animal Caretaker

Blakely is not afraid to get close and personal with wild animals such as tigers. This dog loves doing her job. She gets good treats and a home to live in as a result. The following picture will show you how much love Blakely has for other animals.

10. A Man’s Best Friend

Here we can see how much Blakely cares for the animals she takes care of. This makes her more than qualified to try and give Dale the takin some company, even though Dale is way bigger than her. Keep reading to see what happened the first time Dale and Blakely got together.

9. Sleepy Takin

As previously mentioned, Dale wasn’t able to walk correctly. This made him tired and he would often sleep all day long. Luckily, Blakely was patient and she just stayed next to him. This helped Dale feel more comfortable.

8. Playing Around

After the two animals got to know each other better, they started playing around all day long. The Zoo’s experts are saying that this is a good thing because it helps Dale exercise his muscles and makes him feel better. Dale now does the most adorable thing when he is stressed.

7. Feeling Stressed

Cincy Enquirer

Now that Blakely is basically Dale’s surrogate mother, he rushes to her whenever he feels stressed. This is the cutest thing and the Zoo’s visitors love seeing the two playing around. Sadly, this relationship wasn’t going to last forever as you will soon find out.

6. Getting Bigger

Even though Dale and Blakely loved spending time with each other, Dale was getting way too big and he still had a lot left to grow. This is when the Zoo experts decided that they need to take him back to his birth mother. How do you think this is going to work out?

5. Slow and Steady

Experts knew that they shouldn’t simply toss Dale to his mothers and that this was a slow process. They started giving the mom visual access through a mesh screen. This went well and the experts put them together for short periods of time until they started feeling comfortable with each other. You will love hearing about what happened next…

4. A Mother’s Love

Dale was back with his mother and experts are saying that they are getting along well. This is amazing news and we can be sure that Dale is happy to finally be with his family.

3. Hard Times

Even though Dale had it hard at the beginning, he is finally back where he belongs. We must give praise to the folks who work at the Cincinnati Zoo for taking such good care of Dale and to Blakely as well.

2. Surrogate Mother

It didn’t look like Dale’s mother was ever going to take him back, especially after seeing how different he looks. On the bright side of things, Dale was fortunate enough to meet Blakely.

1. Real Hero

Blakely is the real hero of our story and we can be sure that she is going to make many other animals feel better and keep them company. Do you think that Blakely deserves an extra bowl of treats after reading this?