Female animals are known for being ferocious when their babies are put in danger, but sometimes these animals reject their babies. There are many reasons why this happens. Most of the time the baby animal looks or smells different than its siblings. This is why people are advised to not take puppies or kittens from their mothers when they are born. 

This doesn’t happen only with cats and dogs — this issue spreads to wildlife as well. Today we are going to present the amazing story of a strange animal who was rejected by his mother, but got lucky and found a surrogate one. You won’t believe who it is!

20. Dale the Takin


This is Dale and he is a takin. To Dave’s misfortune, he doesn’t look like a traditional takin. It looks more like a mix between… a buffalo, goat and moose. This is why his mother rejected him. Luckily, Dave is going to get lucky and find love somewhere else.

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