If you Google how to get a six pack, you will find millions and millions of results which will include gut-wrenching workouts, ridiculous diets, or absurd supplements. After presenting you with this asinine content, the author often will follow with some sort of book they want you to buy or some type of program you should sign-up for.

When it comes down to it, it’s not that complicated to warrant a novel. If you explore all of these articles, there is one very consistent system of rules that they all follow. It breaks down to three very basic and non-negotiable concepts that require a very small commitment. Leaving you with a Hollywood six-pack without having to go crazy in the gym or to starve yourself for weeks.

The Background

The most important thing to remember about having a six-pack is that the vast majority of people already have a six-pack, but it is covered with layers of fat – leaving them unexposed and hidden under these “layers” of fat. While people spend endless hours doing crunches, sit ups, and core workouts – they neglect the notion that a little bit of cardio and proper nutrition will shed the layers of fat and unveil their abdominal muscles.


All below rules are non-negotiable. They are straight-forward and should not be taken lightly. If you want great results, you need to practice strong willpower.

Rule I: Eat Right

The first thing you need to focus on is your diet.  Stop eating (unhealthy) fatty foods and consumer more cabs than you are burning.  By keeping your diet lean (low carb and high protein), you’re limiting your intake of excess calories which will result in keeping a clean and bare core. Sticking to the right diet is critical because you don’t want to take one step forward and two steps back. Stay focused and you will make progress and keep yourself moving forward.

Rule II: Sweat Your *** Off

Another critical rule to getting a six pack is to stop doing endless crunches and sit ups and start doing more cardio. Again, you already may have a six-pack, but you are spending too much time building those muscles rather than shedding the fat on top of them. Rather than doing so many sit ups, you need to aim to do more jumping jacks or jump rope to torch the fat covering your dormant six-pack.

Rule III: Hydrate With H2O

Hydration is surprisingly a tremendous factor in having a six-pack.  By drinking more water, you’ll be flushing out unwanted junk from your body.  Also, staying hydrated will keep your body feeling more full which means you’ll be taking in less unwanted calories. Bonus: It will have you constantly running to the bathroom, burning a few more calories each day.