Three Teenage Robbers Noticed Grandma Was Alone At Atm And Attacked Her, But They Clearly Didn't Expect Her To Fight Back And Beat Them Up - Natural Healthy Living

Three Teenage Robbers Noticed Grandma Was Alone At Atm And Attacked Her, But They Clearly Didn’t Expect Her To Fight Back And Beat Them Up

Three Teenage Robbers Noticed Grandma Was Alone At Atm And Attacked Her, But They Clearly Didn’t Expect Her To Fight Back And Beat Them Up

In this world filled with people there are both good and bad individuals. Unfortunately, some of the bad guys out there are really bad and actively make the world a worse place. When three men decided to try and rob a granny that was pulling cash out of the ATM, they had no idea the surprise that was waiting for them. They quickly realized that this granny was not one to mess with!

20. British Grandmother 


Winifred Peel is a British grandmother living in Liverpool. At 77 years old, Winifred has lived a full life and enjoys spending relaxing days in her home in Liverpool. As a retired senior, Winifred has been enjoying her life at a slower pace. 

19. Active Woman 

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Despite being an older woman, Winifred still liked to keep active. Of course, her age did prevent her from being able to do things that she could do when she was younger. However, one day these limitations didn’t stop her from protecting herself from some hooligans. 

18. Walking Around 


On one particular day, Winifred decided to get dressed up and take a walk around Liverpool. It was a chilly day so she dressed up and left the house accordingly. She had grown up in the neighborhood and knew exactly where she was going to go. 

17. Her Favorite Cafe 


On particularly chilly days, Winifred loved to walk over to her favorite cafe. She loved to have a cup of tea and a sweet treat on days like this. However, as she was walking around she began to notice three men standing in front of an ATM arguing. 

16. Local Bank

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The three men continued to argue in front of the local bank. However, Winifred thought that it wasn’t any of her business to intervene and so she decided to continue to walk on. After all, although she was older Winifred could keep up her pace just as well as anyone else. 

15. Handiwork 


All throughout her life Winifred had been quite an active person. In fact, thanks to her father, Winifred had always been involved in handiwork. She knew how to build, repair, and fix just about anything in the house. Maybe if the men had known all of this they wouldn’t have tried to mess with the elderly woman. 

14. Buying A Gift


As she passed by the bickering men, Winifred quickly remembered that it had recently been one of her friends’ daughters birthdays. She realized that she hadn’t gotten her a gift yet and quickly ran into one of the stores nearby to find something. Finally she found something perfect! 

13. Making A Purchase 


Winifred walked over to the counter to pay for the item when she realized that she didn’t have enough cash on her. She decided to rush out of the store and head in the direction of the closest ATM. However, she had no idea that the three men from before would still be there…

12. Small Town 


The town that Winifred lives in happens to be quite small and there are only a few banks within walking distance of the store she was at. So Winifred quickly made her way over to the nearest one. However, it was a bit of a walk and she noticed that she was starting to run out of breath. 

11. At the ATM

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Finally, Winifred had reached the closest ATM and began to reach into her purse to get her credit cards out. While she was doing that she noticed that another woman came up behind her waiting to use the ATM. Winifred told the young woman to go ahead while she reached for the right credit card. She was so busy reaching for her cards that she didn’t hear the men’s voices behind her. 

10. Kind Person 

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As a kind person herself, Winifred lived life with the motto: “Give kindness, receive kindness back.” She never expected people to treat her badly as she always treated others with kindness and respect. That’s why she didn’t seem to feel mistrustful as she typed in her PIN number in the ATM. 

9. A Dark Figure 


Suddenly, Winifred noticed a dark figure creeping up behind her as she was using the ATM. However, she decided not to think much of it and continued to type her PIN number into the ATM. That’s when her vision blurred and she found herself on the ground!

8. On The Ground 


Winifred suddenly realized that she was on the ground. It seems that someone had thrown her onto the floor and it took her a few seconds to get her bearings. She immediately realized that whoever had thrown her onto the ground was trying to take her money. That’s when her adrenaline kicked in and she realized who it was…

7. Three Men 

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As Winifred looked up she saw that it was the same three men that she saw bickering before. Winifred jumped back on her feet and began to fight back! She quickly lunged toward the thief closest to her and began to attack. She grabbed his head with all of her strength and pushed it against the wall. 

6. Panicked 

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The three men immediately panicked when they saw that Winifred had a serious fight in her. They never expected this tiny elderly woman to fight back. As soon as they realized that she wasn’t going to go down without a fight they quickly sprinted in the other direction. 

5. Reality Settling In 

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It was after the chaos had settled down that Winifred realized what she had done. “It was only afterwards that I realized what I’d done and started shaking,” she said, “what if he’d had a knife? I might not be here today.” However, Winifred also knew that she couldn’t let those thieves get away with what they had done. 

4. Catching Them 

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At this point, everyone was gathered around Winifred as they saw what had happened. Everyone wanted to make sure that she was okay but she just wanted them to run after the thieves. Eventually they were able to track the thieves down!

3. Justice Served 

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The police were eventually called and they were able to track down the men. They caught up with one of them because he had a noticeable head injury and the other two were loitering around him. The police took them both to the station so that justice could be served. 

2. Staying In Shape 


Although the situation took Winifred by surprise, she is just happy that she is in such good shape. Since she stays active, she was able to defend herself against these thieves. This incident only motivated her to keep staying active. 

1. Prison Sentence 


The three men were brought in front of a judge where they were sentenced to prison. The judge accused them of  “casting a shadow” over Winny’s golden years. However, although she isn’t happy it happened, Winifred is just happy that she was able to defend herself.