Throwing a perfect punch is one of the skills that every man should know. Because it’s a survival skill that can definitely help you in times of trouble, you need to master this. But, this skill can seriously injure, so make sure that you’re going to use this as a self defense move only. Be sure that you use this to defend yourself, not to offend other people.

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Throwing a Perfect Punch

Now that it’s clear blows are just for defending one’s self and not for offensive attacks, here are some tips on how you can throw a perfect punch.

Things to Remember

Before you throw a punch, make sure that you always do the things listed below:

  • Plan: First, plan the kind of punch that you’re going to execute. Make sure that you’re going to use your powerful arm to maximize the blow.
  • Position: Next, position your body properly so that you can throw your punch properly and accurately. Make sure you do this before throwing a punch, to ensure that your strength will travel to your fists and you won’t get injured from improper posture.
  • Execute: When you’ve planned your move and have positioned your body, it’s time to execute your punch. Be sure to focus on your punch to maximize the power.

Throwing the Punch

  • Position your hands: Bend your arms, then put your dominant hand backwards while putting your non-dominant hand forward.
  • Position your legs: Now, put your right leg behind you, at about 5:00. Then put your left foot forward, at about 12:00. Doing so will give you balance and power to deliver your punch more forcefully. This will also prevent you from throwing yourself forward while delivering your punch, making you invulnerable from the counter-attack of your opponent. This will also prevent you from injuring yourself due to the strain that may be brought to your legs while delivering your punch.
  • Keep your head in the middle: Always keep your head in the middle when delivering a punch. Do not bob your head forward or lean your head backward, as this will make your force weaker. This can also cause neck injuries.


  • Twist your hips: Now, to execute your punch, twist your torso by turning your hips while you’re putting your hand forward. This will add force to your punch and make it more accurate.
  • Snap your arms: When delivering your punch, snap your arms as your hand nears the target. This will give your punch more impact on your target. Be sure to avoid making a ‘pushing’ punch as it will not give you any significant power. When throwing a perfect punch, be sure to snap your arm. Also, be sure to make your arm straight when delivering your punch to ensure accuracy and power.