There is no doubt that The Dark Knight Rises will be one of the biggest movies of the decade. The anticipation for this film alone has many wondering if it will be the best super hero movie ever. Will Batman die? Is Bane going to “break the bat”? Where does cat woman’s allegiance stand? While there are many questions, one thing that we do know is that there will be a massive showdown, if not many, between hero (Christian Bale as Batman) and villain (Tom Hardy as Bane). We also know from the trailers and production photos that Bane looks very muscular in this film. Then come new questions: what did he do to train? What did he eat? Did he use any supplements? Did he do steroids?

Whether your questions are about Tom Hardy and his body or how you can transform yours to have a Bane-like physique with monstrous traps and bowling ball arms to intimidate your opponent, we share your curiosity. And while we always recommend that you become the role of the hero instead of the villain, we understand your thirst for knowledge regarding Bane’s physique. That’s why we scoured forums, websites, magazines, video footage, and interviews (like this one, and this one) to analyze the physique of Bane to get you some answers.

We announced Hardy’s intentions when he was given the role of Bane along with a more recent update of details and rumors of his training regimen. Now, we’re happy to bring it all together.

What We Do Know

  1. Tom Hardy is very capable of transforming his physique. He has proven to be hard working and relentless when he took on the roles of Charles Bronson (in Bronson) and Tommy Conlon (in Warrior).
  2. Tom Hardy has admitted to having a colorful background in the realm of alcohol and drugs.
  3. We also know that there are plenty of rumors about Tom Hardy allegedly tampering with steroids to match the physique of his larger-than-life on screen characters (past and present).

*Sources to how we know these things are listed at the bottom of this article.

Let’s Get Answers

Did Tom Hardy Train Hard For the Role of Bane?

Of course he did. In his interviews (check out the YouTube links above) he refers to training hard with heavy weights to fit the role of the larger than life Bane. Do actors say that they trained hard, even if they really didn’t? Sure they do, but we take Tom Hardy for his word and with his past roles (like Tommy Conlon), he gives us every reason to trust him.

What Was Tom Hardy’s Workout for the Role of Bane?

While many sites out there claim to have “the official Tom Hardy Bane workout”, they are lying. Tom Hardy nor his representatives have disclosed his official training program for Bane. His trainer and close friend “Patrick P-Nut” Monroe is the one who got him into shape for the role. While some of the set images of him show him as being a bit bloated (see below), that doesn’t necessarily mean that he didn’t have an intense regimen. Given that Christopher Nolan admitted that there will be CGI use for the physique of Bane, this fueled speculation that he isn’t training hard for the role. In our opinion, that speculation has no merit. CGI had to be used to remove Tom Hardy’s tattoos anyway, so don’t believe everything that you hear. It did seem fishy initially, but we trust in Christopher Nolan and Tom Hardy.

If you’re looking for his specific workout or to get jacked like his character looks on film, we’ll have that for you very soon.

Is There a Tom Hardy Bane Diet?

Tom Hardy did not release his official diet that he used while training for the movie. However, him and P-Nut have used the same diet model for his past roles where he had to really bulk up. The diet mainly consisted of high protein, high fat, low carb meals. Hardy discusses that adjusting to the diet used to be difficult – “we’d have breakfast before we got there [to the gym]. Peanut butter on toast. Then we got in the joint, had our protein shakes and a gallon of water…”

The above quote also answers the general question of “Did Tom Hardy take supplements?” He took protein shakes at the very least and we’d hope he took BCAA’s to help him out with the soreness of intense and crazy workouts.

Did Tom Hardy Take Steroids?

There is a lot of speculation and rumors when it comes to this. The root of these rumors began when word got out that Hardy added 30 pounds of muscle for the role in a few short months leading up to production. Rumors began to snowball as set images were revealed and Hardy appeared bloated with quite a bit of acne on his back (see images below). These notions along with an actor who had a past of alcohol and drugs makes it easy to speculate. Still, Tom Hardy has never officially come out and said “I took steroids to play Bane.”  Tom Hardy has been asked in an interview if he took drugs and gave a very wise-*** vague answer. So while some consider the above factors as “evidence” that Hardy used steroids, none of it is 100% solid.

Tom Hardy got in ridiculous shape for Warrior and muscles do have muscle memory. It is physically possible to put on plenty of weight in muscle over the course of 4 months. Not easy by any means, but possible. Putting on 30 pounds of muscle in that time frame really seems like a bit much and, like all rumors, this one seems to have been exaggerated a bit. The breakouts on his back could very well be from sweat. The only thing that seems to hold water (no pun intended) is that he was bloated. The photos of him as Bane (with the re-touching) and the photos of him on set do seem to be pretty far apart. Still, the guy has proven that he can and will get in beast-like shape for a role – so we trust his word and trust his judgment.

Key Takeaways

  1. Tom Hardy says that he trained very hard with heavy weights
  2. Hardy has a training regimen that he often follows from Patrick “P-Nut” Monroe, although the official routine for this role has not been revealed (regardless of what other sites claim)
  3. While there are a lot of rumors and Hardy has given wise-*** answers in interviews, he never officially said that he took steroids to play Bane; therefore, give him the benefit of the doubt because he has proven what he is capable of when it comes to physique


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