Tracking some of the most elusive carnivores on the planet is quite amazing but oftentimes seems to be impossible. But when you go to Madagascar and join their tracking of wild animals program, that is quite achievable. There is a program where you can track carnivores including some of the most elusive wild animals that you won’t find anywhere else on the planet.

Get on the adventure and reserve your spot so that you can be one of the researchers that keep track of the behavior of wild animals, particularly the fossa – a carnivorous cat-like animal. You will also study their habitat so that you can have more info about the way they live in the wild.

Two-Week Expedition

You will get to be in the wild, traveling on rural villages for two weeks in Madagascar when you join this program. During this time, you will get all the adventure that you want while going on a 15-mile trek daily.

Tracking Fossa, the Largest Carnivorous Mammal

Aside from the tiring and active lifestyle that you will be having for two weeks in Madagascar, you will also get to experience being a true researcher when you track the largest carnivorous mammal on Earth, the fossa. It is a cat-like mammal of dark brown fur and very large eyes and nose. Just looking at it will already send chills down your spine, thus, tracking it for whole two weeks will be quite exhilarating especially for adventurous guys like you.

This fit travel will also involve transmitting of important info that you gather on a radio, making the trip even more fun.

Setting Traps

Aside from tracking these cat-like carnivores into the wild, you will also get to look at them closely after you have captured one or more from the traps that you are going to set during your travel. These wild animals are then sedated so you can measure them for further study.

Marvelous Views

Aside from seeing these amazing carnivorous animals, you will also get to see marvelous views of the surroundings around Madagascar. You will be trekking on various places, thus, enabling you to see various views that will surely leave you in awe.

When you choose to volunteer on these programs, you will not only help study these animals but will also help preserve them by helping experts in studying these carnivores. You will help experts set up a friendlier environment for these carnivorous animals so that they can thrive and preserve these species. Thus, allowing the future generation to see these marvelous species just as you did during your trip.

It’s great to experience the wild when you are in it instead of just watching them on TV or in a caged utility vehicle. So, try this adventure and be closer to these wild animals and see how they thrive and how they make Madagascar a wonderful place during your travel. You will also get to help save Madagascar, which is the habitat of all these wild animals.