Traps exercises are as important as your biceps and triceps exercises as they also make you look bulkier and bigger. Even if you have big arms but do not have big traps, you will look smaller than you really are. Also, your arms won’t look as good as they really are if you will not develop your traps.

Bigger traps will also make you look manlier, not to mention you will get stronger when you develop your traps muscles. So, better make room for a workout routine for the muscles on your shoulder blades so that you will have a better looking and stronger arms and shoulders.

Three Great Traps Workouts

There are three traps exercises that you need to do together and on a regular basis. Do not do one exercise if you are not planning on doing all of them as this will give you an unbalanced look. Developing your traps is not just about lifting weights. It is about strategically combining workouts to come up with a routine that will develop all of the areas and muscle fibers of your trapezius muscle.

Here are the three exercises that you need to do to achieve better looking traps:

  • Seated Shrug

Seated shrug using dumbbells is a great exercise for the traps as this puts pressure on your shoulders and the trapezius muscle. Be sure to never roll your shoulders when doing this as the exercise won’t be as effective as it should be.

Sit up straight on a bench, hold your dumbbell on your side and lift your shoulders. Do not roll. Just lift your shoulders towards your ears and keep your head straight; do not bob them out.

  • Dumbbell Reverse Fly

Next on your traps exercises, you have to do some sets of the dumbbell reverse fly. This is done by holding a dumbbell on each hand and leaning towards the ground while sitting on a bench. Make sure that your back is straight and your arms are underneath your legs. This will be your starting position.

Now, lift your dumbbells to your side. Maintain a straight arm and never bend your elbow. Also, make sure that you keep your back straight so that the force of your lifting will be put onto your shoulders and not only your back or chest.

  • Standing Upright Row

The last one on your traps exercises is the standing upright rows. This is done by standing straight near a barbell stand and lifting a barbell to your chin. Make sure that you lift with your elbows and shoulders and not with your arms only. When doing this upright row, make sure that your back is straight and the pressure is put onto your shoulders and not onto your back or arms alone.

These traps exercises should be done regularly, with some intervals, to maintain your muscle’s health while improving your physique. Be sure to do these exercises one after another to maximize the benefits. Doing only one exercise will not provide as much benefit as you are expecting; so be sure to do them all.