Man’s answer on whether to remove (or trim) hair or not, largely depends on his preference and the norms imposed by his immediate environment. Should man decide to part with his hair, though, there are some general rules to go by.

Avoid Shaving

It turns out that shaving is not advisable according to waxing therapist Natalia Romanenko of Strip Ministry of Waxing. In shaving, risks of cuts, bumps, ingrown hair, itchy pre-regrowth stage, and coarser re-growth, run high. For taking the chance on those risks, the smoothness and hairless condition lasts only for 2 to 5 days. Talk about short-lived gratification at a high price.

Consider a Trim as a First Option

Wax Man Spa’s Julio Mendez says that while waxing can be the only option for back hair, beard and chest hair can easily benefit from a neat trimming. By trimming, you can try different hair lengths and thicknesses before going all the way. Trimming is also done with waxing. Trimmed hair is easier to wax.

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Remove Hair From the Roots by Waxing

Romanenko says that waxing works for all hair types and lasts longer. The re-growth is usually finer, and repeated waxing will eventually result to reduced hair volume in the waxed area. Remember to avoid tight clothes and working out within 24 hours after the waxing procedure.

Laser Removal

Because the procedure is based on pigment, it works best on people with dark hair and fair skin. It may take around 4 or 6 procedures to permanently remove hair, according to J Medical Day Spa’s medical aesthetician Joyce Morra. The procedure takes only around an hour and the side effects are very mild, such as short-lived redness or a little puffiness.

Whether to remove body hair or not is a personal question, but you have to make a wise decision based on well-researched information.