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Try Not To Cry – This Boy Rejects His Father For His Entire Life For Being Poor – After Years Discovers Something He Never Knew.

Try Not To Cry – This Boy Rejects His Father For His Entire Life For Being Poor – After Years Discovers Something He Never Knew.

 21. The Boy And The Father

This boy lived with his father after the unfortunate loss of his mother who died because of a rare medical condition. Things were hard and getting by was harder every day. Let’s see how this heartwarming story escalates!

20. Economic Difficulty

They had a lot of difficulties but the lack of money was the most important one. The father had to work multiple jobs and long hours to provide for his boy, something that they boy couldn’t appreciate at this time.

19.Father Working Hard

Despite the fact that the father worked hard, the boy thought that he was untalented and unsuccessful. He thought that he wasn’t doing enough and didn’t manage their economics with success.

18. Boy Denies Him

The boy was denying his father every day, judging his intelligence and moaning silently for his actions. He thought that he was doing jobs that anyone could do and was feeling same for him. Especially for this strange clown job that he had… but was it really a job? Try not to cry when you find out.

17. Father Was Exhausted

Of course, the father was exhausted by this routine. He was always taking naps to compensate for the lack of sleep which caused him to neglect his son and making him run late for school.

16. The Weird Tax System

Every month the father gave the son his allowance but with an extra fee. A large part of his allowance went to a jar named “Taxes”. The boy was getting angry and disagreed with that but his father persisted. If only did he know where this money went… Click Next to find out!

15. An Important Lesson

The father always told his son “It doesn’t matter how much you have, but how much you give”. His son always looked him disrespectfully…

14. Studying Hard

The boy started studying hard in order to avoid being like his father. He stayed up late studying to ensure that he gets into college. Did he make it?

13. Accepted Into College

The boy finally made it! He got into college and won a scholarship too! He was ready to study about computer software and other technological studies, exactly the opposite of his father.

12. Working Hard Neglecting His Father

After some years the boy started working at the web department of an insurance company. This job required long working hours but paid well, so the boy had to skip holiday reunions and see his father lesser and lesser every year.

11.Father’s Reaction

This kind of behavior, of course, hurt the father who missed his boy a lot. After some years he died alone having to see his boy for months.

10. Strange Letters

After some time, the boy found an old box that contained some strange letters. They were thankful notes about supposed donations he made in a care center for children with disabilities. He rushed to call them stating that it was a mistake but they persisted to meet him in person.

9. The Visit

The boy visited them in confusion. He surely didn’t expect to hear some facts that completely changed his life. Let’s see.

8. Father’s Life Work

There the boy learned a big secret from the owner of the facility, a man that talked about his father with passion.  His father was volunteering at the facility every day after work. He worked extra hours and devoted his free time to make people happy. A selfless man as the children and staff there described him.

7. Couldn’t Retire

The father couldn’t let the children alone. He served as an entertainer years after he retired as he wanted to help as much as he could. There is a special story about a boy that the staff told vividly!

6. The Boy

There was this boy that stood all day alone and according to the staff had completely lost hope. The father took him by his side and taught him to have hope and be brave. He completely saved his life and as it appears this boy now is the owner of the facility!

5. A Selfless Man

The father’s work didn’t end in the facility. He tried every day to help all people and provide as much as his economics allowed. That’s why they were poor… but were they? The boy realized that all these taxes were actually going to the facility as donations!

4. The Realization

Suddenly the boy had an epiphany. He realized the struggle and sacrifices his father made was for the good of others. His words came into his mind”It doesn’t matter how much you have, but how much you give”. You wouldn’t guess what he did next!

3. The Oath

They boy finally appreciated his father! He felt horrible for rejecting and neglecting him but it was already late for him to tell him… He then swore an oath: To serve these people as much as his father did.

2. A New Hope

The boy dressed like a clown and visited the facility every day like his father did. He managed to help these children and make them happy. It was the least he could do for his father…

1. The Final Regrets

Of course, the boy lived his life regretting his stance against his father. Having appreciated his father’s  life work despite all the difficulties he encountered, he stood there crying because he wished that his father was there, only to help him and apologize to him.