When it comes to summertime, there are a lot of fads to try out particularly in the diet and nutrition field. Some stand the test of time, while others don’t. One that appears to have accomplished this feat is the SlimFast diet.

The SlimFast diet has been around for years; who doesn’t remember those cans sitting in the fridge when their mother tried it out years back? They’re tasty, thick, flavorful shakes that are supposed to replace your meals at breakfast and lunch. The diet is commonly known as the “3-2-1” diet where you will have three snacks a day at 100 calories, two meal replacement shakes or bars at 120-180 calories and finally a 500 calorie meal (usually dinner) that you prepare. If preparing meals isn’t your thing, don’t worry because SlimFast offers numerous recipes to assist you. They also now offer a tub of shake powder so that you can mix and match and create any shake you like. If that’s not enough, their website shows healthy recipes to get alcohol into your shakes as well.

This is a long-term diet, so if you want to lose weight in time for summer, it’s likely already too late. You’ll want to start a month or two in advance. While WebMD points out that nothing is really off-limits on the SlimFast diet, if you really want to lose the 1-2 pounds weekly like they say, you do need to stay under or right at the allotted calories. This diet isn’t for the type of person who goes for a run every morning or does any rigorous activities, as the calories aren’t efficient to fuel a moving body. Although, if you work at a desk or don’t get a lot of movement during the day, this diet is a great way to lose weight and learn to stick to something to see results. On their website they have a BMI calculator that helps you learn what weight you should achieve to be considered healthy. They also have a calculator to predict what you will lose in a certain amount of time. You might just want to try that out first and if it tells you that you’re at a healthy weight believe it.